The Best GPS Tracker for Car

Your car is definitely one of your most prized possessions and therefore, you should explore every means of protecting it. Of course, there are plenty of ways to secure your car including insurance, car alarms, steering wheel locks, car immobilizers etc. While there are plenty of ways you can secure a car, GPS tracking for cars is very effective and you should consider it. GPS trackers transmit and store real-time data on locations and movement of your car. Therefore, in the event that your car is stolen or lost, you can easily locate it using real-time GPS tracking on your smartphone, tablet or computer. There are numerous options when it comes to GPS tracker for car thus, you should choose the best GPS tracker to meet your car tracking needs. This guide will be of assistance to you.     

Factors to Consider When Obtaining a Car Tracker  

There are several factors you should consider before buying a GPS car tracker. This is of the essence to enable you purchase a functional GPS tracker for car.

  • Intended Purpose – You obviously got to have a purpose for purchasing a car tracker. For what purpose do you need the GPS car tracker? Is it for personal reasons or for fleet management purposes? GPS car trackers have different modifications to achieve particular tasks. Whether you want to use the car tracker to track your personal car or to monitor your teen’s driving, there is a wide range for you. Also, GPS trackers fall in different categories depending on the type of motor vehicle including truck GPS tracker, car GPS tracker and motorcycle GPS tracker among others.
  • Monthly fee – Almost all GPS car trackers charge a monthly fee for the tracking services rendered. Alternatively, there are car trackers with no monthly fee. Based on your budget, you can choose either.
  • Delayed Time or Real-Time GPS Tracker – Real-time GPS car tracker also referred to as live GPS tracker transmit live and accurate location of your car even when in motion. Delayed time car trackers are quite inefficient as a delay in information for even a second can be the difference between recovering a car and losing it forever. While live monitoring is expensive, it’s very effective in securing your valued possession.
  • Attachment Options – There are several ways to attach a car tracker to your car. When buying a GPS tracker, it’s vital that you consider an attachment option that will be ideal for your environment or daily routine. Car trackers with magnetic hold are perfect for bumpy terrain or wet environments.
  • User-Friendly Apps – When buying a car tracker, you’ll want to ensure that the tracking App is simple to use, functional, attractive and straightforward. The App is essentially where you monitor your car and therefore, it ought to be simple to operate and very responsive.

Best GPS Tracker for Car 

Here are our top picks for the best GPS tracker you should consider purchasing this year. 

Spytec GL300MA 

2 Pack Spytec GPS GL300 GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Loved Ones and Asset Tracker with Real-Time Tracking with App
  • Easiest & fastest GPS tracking: Spytec GPS offers the fastest GPS trackers for vehicles, valuables, and equipment using 4G satellite technology. Receive location alerts from the GPS tracker via our...
  • Easy-to-use software & features: Watch your tracker move on a map, customize alerts and boundaries, see past data, speed, distance, & more.

Spytec GPS car trackers are real-time GPS tracking devices that can track a wide range of items including vehicles, equipment, kids, spouses, and other valuables. The Spytec GL300MA is perfect for tracking cars. The tracker comes with a smart charge-saving technology that detects motion and becomes activated to rely real-time data. Installation is quite simple and can easily be hidden in the dashboard, rear and front bumper and even on the sun visors without being noticed. Battery life is enhanced since the tracker isn’t functional when the vehicle is static. 

Spytec GL300MA GPS tracker relays life information after every five seconds and you’re able to get immediate updates on your vehicle. The device employs both cellular and satellite connection for increased location accuracy. Additionally, it comes with a geofencing feature which allows you to set a desired location perimeter and receive notification via email or text when this condition is breached.  You won’t spend more on software since the device is compatible with any OS-you simply need a smartphone or a tablet. 

Spytec GPS car tracker charges a monthly fee of $25 for transmitting live location and storing data.  

AbleGrid GPS Tracker 

ABLEGRID GPS Tracker for Vehicles, 6800mAh-30 Days 4G LTE Real-time GPS Tracking Device for Vehicles and Persons Portable Hidden Magnetic Mini GPS Locator Tracker for Cars - with Global SIM Card
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE GPS TRACKER FOR VEHICLES AND PERSON: Adopted the latest GPS position technology and 4G network, GT-200 tracker is perfect for tracking vehicles and people in a long distance and in...
  • BUILT-IN 6800MAH SUPER ENERGY BATTERY, LONG LIFE, LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: With a high-quality 6800mAh battery inside, GT200 GPS tracker offers upto 30 days of continuous working time and upto 270...

AbleGrid is an advanced live GPS tracker that employs the latest tracking technology (4G LTE location technology) to relay live location feeds. It’s quite easy to set up and use thanks to its user-friendly design. In fact, anyone can do the set-up. With a powerful magnetic system coupled with a compact design, this GPS tool can literally be installed anywhere in the car without worrying about its security. The device comes with a free global sim card required for tracking. And with a 10000 mAh battery, AbleGrid GPS car tracker can go up to 45 days without charge making it quite convenient. It also comes with a one-year warranty with 24,7 exclusive technical support. There is also no monthly fee hence very affordable.  

Linxup GPS Tracker  

Linxup GPS Car Tracker, Vehicle Tracker and Monitoring System with Real Time Location GPS Reports, for Equipment, Car, Truck, Fleet, and Professionals 4G with Phone App
  • REAL-TIME FLEET ACTIVITY TRACKING: This Tracker helps you monitor location, speed, traffic, tampering, along with a GPS tracker with using Google Maps. COMPATIBLE WITH VEHICLES FROM 1996-PRESENT.
  • EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE - Linxup offers friendly, live, US-based customer service for all GPS trackers.

Linxup is another excellent GPS tracker for car. It’s quite inexpensive with no installation required-just plug the device in your car’s OBD port and track. This tracker provides real-time GPS tracking every minute when the car is static and every hour when the car is stationary. In addition to the ordinary tracking features, Linxup GPS tracker offers access to Google Maps, text and email alerts for speeding, idling, unauthorized use and tampering. It also comes with geofencing, braking alert, accel and maintenance tracking. Additionally, it provides driver performance reports. Users require a monthly airtime subscription charge. 

Bottom Line 

A real time GPS tracker is an essential tool for anybody mindful of the security of their cars. They transmit and store data on the movement and location of your car. These devices therefore offer great assistance in the event that your car is stolen, or maybe to keep tabs of your spouse or teen. When purchasing GPS car tracker, ensure you consider several factors including monthly fee, functionality, additional features and attachment requirements among other factors.

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