Top 10 Best Zip Ties in (Review & Buying Guide)

Zip ties are not only limited merely to the industrial sector of the world. These things can help make your household activities easier as well. Not to mention, the reusable wire ties are significant for cable management and organizing loose wires.

Finding the best zip ties, however, can be very difficult. That’s what our article is about.

Today we will talk about some of the best cable ties available on the market for you. We will also try to understand the versatility and functionality of each of them.

In short, this article will help you choose the best product for your work.

Our Top 10 Best Zip Ties In 2020

To save you time, we have researched to find the top products on the market. Here, we are going to present them to you.

1. Multi-Purpose Tie (100 Piece)

These cable ties can be an exceptional asset when working in an industrial working environment. Since they are made up of nylon, they can withstand harsh temperatures.

The TR88302 also has a tensile strength of up to 50 lbs. Each bag contains a minimum of 10 pieces, with a diameter of 2” and width of 0.19”. The unit comes in two colors: black and semi-opaque white.

Generally, zip ties keep most objects secure and firm once tightened. This functionality makes them capable of keeping sensitive equipment stable and sturdy on uneven surfaces. However, the TR88302 is capable of much more because of its great tensile strength and resilience.

These things are not only limited to industrial applications and can also be extremely useful for domestic usage.

They are not only affordable but also provide a significant amount of bang for the buck. The unit will cost you less than 10$ and can be available in most online stores.

The ties are made entirely with industrial-grade heavy-duty nylon material. This functionality easily makes this thing one of the top picks on our list.

Key Features :

  • They aren’t as thick compared to other products
  • Made with heavy industrial graded nylon
  • Can withstand high temperatures as well as high tension
  • Comes at a reasonable price


2. Ultra Strong Cable Zip Ties 12 Inch

Cable Zip Ties Heavy Duty 12 Inch, Ultra Strong Plastic Wire Ties with 120 Pounds Tensile Strength, 100 Pieces, Nylon Tie Wraps with 0.3 Inch Width in Black & White, Indoor and Outdoor UV Resistant
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As the name already suggests, these ties mostly made up of ultra-strong plastic and nylon. As one of the thickest products on the market, these plastic wire ties are exceptionally resilient to weather and heat strain. As a result, they are worthy of being considered as one of the best zip ties out there.

As a result, they are exceptional for outdoor settings. Also, the high-quality cable ties are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 140 degrees F.

This thing is approximately 12” long, with a width of 0.3”. The unit comes with 50 black pieces as well as 50 white pieces. They are made up of high-quality plastic, which makes them extremely flexible and strong.

Weighing in just under 15 ounces, these zip ties are capable of not breaking under pressure. Meaning, the only way to dispose of them once tied, is to cut them with scissors or a blade.

These products are also great for their longevity. They do not discolor, deteriorate, or go through abnormal stretching when being used over a long time. However, these things are not entirely UV resistant.

That can make them perform inadequately under harsher sunlight. These items tend to be made up of nylon type (PA66), which is not entirely sun proof.

Key Features :

  • Thick
  • Resilient to rough weather conditions and high temperatures
  • Comes in two different colors (50 black, 50 white)
  • Can withstand great pressure
  • Aren’t prone to discoloring


3. Indoor Outdoor UV Resistant

18 Inch Zip Ties Heavy Duty by Strong Ties - 100 Cable Ties Per Pack - Black Zip Ties 175lb Tensile Strength - All Weather UV Resistant, Indoor or Outdoor
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The Altai cable zip ties are known to be particularly resilient to UV rays. Making them exceptionally long-lasting, heavy-duty, and durable. These zip ties are approximately 10” long, and 19” wide. The head of the zip tie is 5/16″ in length, with the central part of the strap being 3/16″ wide.

This unit will exceed your expectations and will perform close to permanent binds on most objects. With each bag containing a bare minimum of (150 pieces), purchasing this item can prove to be cost-effective.

They are supposed to be able to handle only tying border fences and webbing. However, these products are capable of handling much more strain than you would initially expect.

The ties can handle 50 lbs of stress and strain, making them a popular choice for domestic use. However, they can perform inadequately when dealing with much heavier work. This may cause the products to break or snap when exerted with excess amounts of weight or strength.

Moreover, the Altai-1 Cable can withstand temperatures of up to 185 degrees F. This tends to make them much more weather resilient than most other products.

This specific unit also has an above-average locking system for the price. The locking function tends to keep objects sturdy and in place. For example, they can perform adequately when hanging a privacy screen on a chain-link fence. However, they can perform poorly when tying objects larger than its length.

Key Features :

  • These products are UV resistant
  • Have a great featured locking system
  • Each bag contains 150 pieces
  • Resistant to rough weather


4. (1,000-Pack), 40lb Strength Black Nylon

8' Black Zip Cable Ties (1000 Pack), 40lbs Tensile Strength - Heavy Duty, Self-Locking Premium Nylon Cable Wire Ties for Indoor and Outdoor by Bolt Dropper (Black)
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These cost-effective medium-duty cables by bolt dropper are worth every penny. With each piece having a length of 8”, they are capable of handling most household work.

Each bag consists of 1,000 pieces, with a tensile strength of about 40 lbs each. These fire-resistant zip ties are meant for single use only. You can increase the tensile strength of these products by connecting a few in a row.

Additionally, every tie has a 5.5 mm ratchet lockhead and a 3.6 mm teeth. These lock systems are standard on most zip ties.

These wire ties also have round edges for easy handling in tight corners. This functionality will help you reach and tie cords in small places.

The nylon cable wire ties are perfect for organizing messy work environments. This specific zip tie was manufactured for medium grade work. Heavy-duty work will cause these things to loosen or break.

Nonetheless, these cable ties are superb for office environments as well as domestic household environments.

Since these pieces come in a bulk amount, the stress of running out is never an option.

Key Features :

  • UV resistant
  • Fire-Resistant with a locking mechanism
  • Contains 1000 pieces
  • Ideal for both office and home
  • Great for working in tight spaces


5. 100pcs 11.8 Inches Stainless Steel

The surplus trade’s stainless-steel zip tie is capable of withstanding temperatures exceeding (932 degrees F), with a tensile strength of 198 lbs. This product is impervious to extreme temperatures, making them the perfect choice for construction workers. That’s why many consider this one to be the best zip ties out there.

With a length of 11.8”, and width of 0.18”, it is easily able to handle most heavy-duty applications with ease. Most people opt for buying stainless-steel multi-purpose cable ties solely for the price.

It is also able to function more efficiently than most plastic zip ties. These specific units, however, cost roughly the same as most other plastic-based products available on the market.

On the other hand, however, these zip ties can be complicated to work with. These products are often at times hard to tighten even in normal weather conditions.

Even without the tightening issue, these products perform more than adequately. Since these products have high tensile strength, they can handle above-average strains. This gives you the ability to keep heavy appliances stable and in place.

Cold weather conditions don’t affect the product after it has been tightened. If, however, the product becomes difficult to work with, use a tool to tighten it.

These products are difficult to cut once tightened. You will need pliers to cut off the excess after the ties have been bound.

Key Features :

  • It can be extremely resilient to temperature and strain.
  • The only way to remove them is with pliers.
  • Does not destroy easily


6. 200 Self-Locking 6+8+12-Inch

This combo pack self-locking zip tie comes in lengths of (6″ 8″ & 12″) accordingly. These cable ties are meant for both light and medium-duty work. Each piece has a round edge on the connector head, with locking teeth for extra grip.

These cables have a tensile strength of up to 48 lbs and a width of (0.10″ 0.19″ & 0.19″) accordingly. To increase the tensile strength of this product, connect two or more pieces before you use them. The combo pack consists of a total of 200 pieces (100 black pieces & 100 white pieces).

Also, this nylon made zip ties are also resilient to fire and can be used for versatile applications. Therefore they are perfect for domestic use. However, you will not see them used commonly in industrial work sites.

Moreover, these units come in convenient packaging. Sorted neatly inside a plastic bottle, the 200 pieces of self-locking nylon cables are a fantastic buy.

This guy would be a good buy for any work you can imagine. Most of the available cheaper zip ties on the market tend to be brittle and weak. These ties, however, can be quite versatile for practical everyday use.

Key Features :

  • Comes in two different colors, (100 black pieces & 100 white pieces)
  • Have self-locking mechanisms
  • Comparatively cheap for the number of units provided
  • Versatile


7. Self Locking Ties (200 Pieces)

These nylon cable ties come in a packet of 200 pieces, with a length of 4” each. This specific tie is made strictly out of pure (PA66) nylon material, with a tensile strength of 18 lbs.

They are heat resistant and have a width of 0.1” with a thickness of 0.04”. Also, they are incredibly resilient to long exposures of sunlight and high temperatures. Their weather resistance makes them perfect for outdoor applications.

Moreover, these cable ties would be significant for gardening and organizing wires. Since they are very resilient to heat and high temperatures, you can use them to repair light bulbs and LEDs.

You can also use them for various kinds of outdoor applications. Since these specific zip ties are cost-effective, they can easily be a substitute for duct tape.

Compared to other products available on the market, these zip ties are not the best solution. The only selling point for them is their amazing self-locking system, which makes them sturdy and reliable.

Key Features :

  • Self-Locking system.
  • Resilient to rough weather conditions and heat
  • Great for outdoor usage
  • Ideal for gardening stuff


8. 500 Packs Self-Locking 4+6+8+10+12-Inch

NewMainOne Cable Zip Ties,500 Packs Self-Locking 4+6+8+10+12-Inch Width 0.16inch Nylon Cable Ties,Perfect for Home,Office,Garage and Workshop (Black)
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Manufactured in black, these zip tie comes with five different types of lengths. Their versatile length option makes them perfect for any application.

These heat and UV resistant products have widths of 0.16” each. The product contains 500 pieces of each length in one bag. Every piece is sorted out accordingly to make your application easier.

Since these are UV resistant, they can easily withstand long exposures to sunlight without any issues. They are also made with standard materials to withstand the tension of up to 48 lbs, and temperatures up to 140 degree F.

However, these items can prove to be ineffective in colder weather. In temperatures below 5 degrees F, these products tend to perform inadequately, frequently breaking or snapping.

These guys are manufactured for garage, office, and home-related applications. You should not use them for heavier work; this will cause them to break instead easily. Any load exceeding their tensile strength causes these products to malfunction.

Key Features :

  • These products are UV resistant.
  • It comes in five different lengths.
  • Has a self-locking design.


9. Ties with 200 Pounds Tensile Strength

Cable Zip Ties Heavy Duty 26 Inch, Strong Large Black Zip Ties with 200 Pounds Tensile Strength, 50 Pieces, Long Durable Nylon Black tie wraps, Indoor and Outdoor UV Resistant, Quality Cable Ties
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These long heavy duty premium quality made zip ties are perfect for outdoor applications.

Capable of withstanding up to 200 lbs of stress, these (26”) things are proficient at handling severe amounts of pressure. These cables are also UV resistant and durable. In most cases, you will find these zip ties being used to tackle large outdoor tasks.

This unit has (50 pieces) straight out of the box, with a width of (0.31”) per piece. Thus, it is more than perfect for dealing with outdoor work. The bag the cables come in is resealable and can be used for other applications afterward.

Even though these are large and long, they are still very flexible. They are made with soft nylon material, which not only makes it soft but also light.

The cables are great for any industrial or automotive work, as well. They are capable of handling temperatures of up to (140 degree F).

Key Features :

  • These products are UV resistant
  • Come in a resealable bag
  • Very flexible compared to other options available on the market


10. Cable Tie Kit, 650 Pieces

Electriduct Nylon Cable Tie Kit - 650 Zip Ties - Assorted Lengths 4', 6', 8', 11' - Black
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These are assorted into four different lengths and come in a plastic jar. Straight out of the bag, there are a total of (650) zip ties, with (100 pieces) for every length, apart from the longest. The (11″) zip ties come with only (50 pieces) because of their size and length.

Now, the zip ties that are 4” in length have a tensile strength of up to 18 lbs, whereas the others have tensile strengths of 40 lbs.

This unit comes in multiple colors, with black being the most UV resistant. The electric nylon cable tie kit also has a multi-colored set.

And what’s more, the multi-colored set can be very appealing as well as useful. This functionality gives you the ability to keep track of your cable ties, in a cluttered environment.

The unit comes in four specific lengths and sizes. This variety in length can give you more versatile forms of application throughout your house.

Key Features :

  • It has two different colors (black and multi-colored).
  • Comes in four specific lengths
  • Made up of nylon and is UV resistant


Things to Consider Before Buying Zip Ties

Multiple functionalities could affect your choice when buying zip ties. The tiniest of details can be classified as important information when choosing between products. So, let’s find out the features you need to keep in mind while buying zip ties:

Tensile Strength

This specific functionality is one that is often disregarded the most when making a choice. Most people generally believe that cheap plastic item is perfect for most applications.

Not all zip ties have the same amount of tensile strength. The most common strength being (40 lbs) among cheap plastic zip ties.

Carefully think about the purpose you are going to use it for before making the purchase. Perhaps you might need a product that has more tensile strength and is capable of industrial work. These small bits of information are most commonly printed onto the packages of the products.

Read the specification sector for each zip tie and match their ability with the work you need to be done. Maybe you will not require industrial length and could opt for a cheaper solution.

UV Resistance

Particularly some product reviews mislead you with false information. In most cases, however, a product is not always UV resistant.

If you are planning to use cable ties outdoors, then perhaps you should choose a product that is UV resistant. These things aren’t always as expensive and can be particularly useful.

Usually, when products are UV resistant, it will be printed on the packaging of the item. Study the labeled information on them before purchasing.

Working Temperatures

Temperature resilient items are usually beneficial. Especially when it comes to zip ties, understanding the temperatures they can withstand is very important.

Most products on the market can tolerate temperatures from 5 degrees F to 140 degrees F. Commonly; some manufacturers tend not to state the amount of temperature resilience. If the information is not stated on the packaging, study about your product beforehand.

If your application requires the unit to be in outdoors, then it’s preferred to buy something that can withstand harsh heat. Apart from UV resistance, temperature resilience is also equally important.

Colored products available on the market tend not to be UV resistant or temperature resilient.


The quantity you will receive from a product is also essential when buying zip ties. Most products available on the market sell zip ties in bulk amounts. These products usually tend to be made with brittle and cheap plastic material.

Products that cost more are usually made from (PA66) heavy-duty nylon. Understanding the quantity you require is not only a deciding factor but also an important one.

Benefits of Using Zip Ties

There are many kinds of zip ties, each with their functionality and use. All zip ties, however, have a universal set of benefits.

Excellent for Creating a Tidy Workspace
Reusable wire ties are handy for holding together cables in one stationary place. This functionality will help you avoid a cluttered and messy work environment.

Exceptionally Strong

One of the most crucial benefits of using zip ties is their incredible tensile strength. For example, cable ties with metal inserts are made to withstand high temperatures. The best zip ties will be sturdy and can be used for heavy-duty industrial applications.

Can Be Used in a Versatile Manner

Velcro cable ties, as well as nylon cable ties, are not limited to holding material sturdily. These specific products can be used beyond their limitations, indifferent, and unique ways. For example, some people use regular cable ties for tightening garbage bags to avoid spills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the average lifespan of a zip tie?

If the item is UV resistant, then their minimum life expectancy is seven years – 9 years.

2. What is the difference between stainless-steel cable ties and regular cable ties?

The main difference between the two is the materials used to make them. The stainless-steel cables are usually made with metallic materials. Regular cable ties, however, are made with nylon or plastic.

Moreover, the stainless-steel cable is usually preferred for industrial use and can withstand harsh temperatures. The regular cable ties, on the other hand, are made for domestic applications.

3. Are zip ties and cable ties the same?

Zip ties and cable ties are both the same. This specific tool is a fastener made for various and versatile use.

4. How to get out of zip ties?

One of the most common ways of getting out or breaking open a regular zip tie is to cut them with scissors or knives. This procedure, however, refrains you from reusing the product.

If you choose to reuse these cable ties, push down the locking mechanism inside the head of the zip tie. This functionality allows you to depress the locking mechanism inside, and unwind the tie.

5. Do cable ties melt?

Cable ties do melt once they exceed their temperature resilience limit. In most cases, however, stainless-steel cable ties have higher temperature limits. Regular zip ties have lower temperature limits and can melt easily when heated up.

Final Words

As we have seen through this article, different types of zip ties can have different types of functionality.

Perhaps the zip tie that is perfect for you is somewhat cheaper with a lower temperature resilience. Maybe, on the other hand, it could be the one that is much more expensive with better locking systems.

Both hobbyists and business people alike can use zip ties. Not only are zip ties excellent assets for a hobbyist, but they can also be beneficial for the general homeowner.

We hope this article has helped you to get the best zip ties on the market.

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