Top 10 Best Step Drill Bit in 2020 – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

Step drill bits are fun to work with. The way they cut through hard materials is brilliant. Now, if you want the best step drill bit for yourself, then you are in the right place.

For, we’ve done some research to find out about the top products out there. And we are going to review the tools that have impressed us the most either through the quality of their construction or the features they came with. Stay with us to know why these are the best the market can offer.

Our Top 10 Best Step Drill Bit In 2020

Go through the reviews to learn about the most outstanding drill bits out there. Once you are done with this section, you will be ready to make a buying decision.

1. Titanium Step Drill Bit, 12 Step Sizes

This brand has produced so many great products. When it comes to the quality of construction, the company doesn’t compromise a bit. This model also comes with versatility to offer. It can do aluminum, plastic, stainless-steel, and so on.

So, if you are looking for a drill bit set that will help you in drilling those sheet metals, then you surely want to check out this tool kit. I loved the coating this thing comes with. There will be no overheating business with these tools.

Moreover, they’ve introduced a two-flute design in it so that you can clear the chips in no time. Also, the shank is excellently designed. It will fit snugly into any standard power tool. Therefore, you have an incredibly anti-slip product right in front of you.

Now, if you want the best result upon using these bits, you should use them for metal sheets and wood. For, these guys get along nicely with these materials. But, when it comes to hardened steel, this might not be the best option.

The incredible build, anti-slip feature, perfect heating, impressive clearing of chips- all these in a tool kit. Yes, you need to consider buying it.

Key Features :

  • Shank is designed for snug fitting
  • Double-Flute design for easy clearing of the chips
  • Never overheated
  • Offers many sizes of holes
  • Solid build offers durability


2. 5pcs Hss Set with Aluminum Case

Here we have another great product. The brand has made some of the best step drill bit sets the market has ever seen. By looking at their usefulness, I would say that it has done a formidable job with each one of them. Now, I liked this tool kit mostly for the remarkable features it comes with.

Each one of the drill bits in this set is made as sturdy as ever. And the speed they offer is also impressive. Moreover, the kit comes with an excellent coating so that you can use these tools for a long time. With such construction, the bits aren’t going to be damaged soon, that’s for sure.

You will find the sizes of these bits to be perfect also. These are the tools that you need in most of the jobs. Therefore, this kit will serve the purpose of many home projects as well as professional tasks.

I particularly liked the tips of these bits. They are designed in a way so that you can do the work fast. And the smoothness of drilling they provide is outstanding. So, this is an excellent option for projects that involves steel, plastic, aluminum, and wood.

Key Features :

  • Tips are nicely shaped for smooth drilling
  • Awesome coating
  • Various sizes of holes
  • Great speed during drilling
  • Very sturdily made


3. Titanium 3-Piece Set | Total 28 Sizes

This product that we are about to review comes with so many benefits to offer. And the brand that has made it is well-renowned as far as production of this type of tool goes. This particular model can be your go-to tool kit if you are a professional.

I was amazed at the wide range of hole-sizes this kit offers. There will be hardly any size of the hole that these tools will fail to work with. So, you can imagine the convenience this product will offer you.

Furthermore, I loved the construction of this model. They’ve used high-speed steel for the purpose. And the fact that it has titanium coating makes it all too remarkable. Moreover, you will find that the tools are very tough when it comes to resisting extreme temperatures.

And if you are worried about the durability of the kit, then be so no more. You will use these tools for many years to come, rest assured. What’s more, its double flute design will make sure that the chips are cleared easily.

Key Features :

  • Wide range of hole sizes
  • High-Speed steel construction
  • Titanium coating for durability
  • Resists extreme temperatures
  • The two-flute design provides easy cleaning


4. 5pcs Metal Steel Drill Bit Set with Aluminum Case

Looking for a multipurpose tool kit? Then, you need to look at this product we are about to review. There will be very few projects in which these bits won’t come in handy. I liked the design and usefulness of every piece in this kit. Yes, they do look good and gives a vibe of strength.

A great thing about these tools is that there will be no rust with them. So, you are looking at a highly durable product that will serve the purpose for an extended period. Another recognizable feature it comes with is the double flute design. This way, clearing the chips is fun.

The bits are straightforward to use. So, a beginner will be comfortable with this kit. And the fact that there’s a splint point introduced in it makes the product perfect for any worker. For, this feature will ensure that the bits do not slip when they gain great speed.

Now, the best thing about this model is that it’s suitable for hardened steel. This is impressive, since not too many drill bits can deal with the material. What’s more, you have a carry case with the kit for easy transportation and storage.

Key Features :

  • Rust-Free
  • Splint point feature for non-slip drilling
  • Double flute design
  • Suitable for hardened steel
  • Carry case included


5. Titanium 5-Piece Set | Total 50 Sizes

If you are looking for outrageous strength in drill bits, why don’t you check this product out? It will provide you with all the power you need to work on the toughest of workpieces. Yes, I was convinced of the solid performance it delivers.

When it comes to the coating of the bits, you’ve got to be impressed with the one this kit comes with. And that’s why you will find the tools to make their way through thickest of metals with furious speed. Moreover, with this type of coating, you can expect that the bits will be very durable.

Another worth mentioning feature is the double flute design. It clears the chips fast. I also liked the angled tip of the bits that let me do my work with the utmost accuracy. There will be no skating with these bits; that much I can tell.

Also, the bits won’t slip during the work, thanks to the design of the shank. So, you will be content with the firmness they offer while cutting through the workpiece. And the way these bits enlarge the holes is awe-inspiring also.

Key Features :

  • Great enlarging capacity
  • The non-slip design of the shank
  • Double flute design
  • Coating provides extreme strength
  • Angled tip allows no skating


6. COMOWARE Set & Automatic Center Punch

Here’s another extremely versatile tool kit. We are talking about five different bit sizes that are most useful in the most typical type of projects. They’ve been brilliant with these bit sizes. You will find the tools compatible with most of the drills out there.

So, if you are buying this set, you won’t have to worry about its usefulness. Now, another thing that made me like this product is its remarkable construction. It comes with a build that will make sure there’s no wearing. And the design it has is also brilliant.

I always like the double flute design. This feature makes it easy to work with the bits by eliminating the chips nicely. Also, the cutting will be much smoother, thanks to this. So, if you want to keep your workplace clean, this can be a viable option for you.

Another feature that makes this product great is the holder it comes with. With this thing, organizing the tools is going to be fun. And it will also make sure that no bit goes missing. Therefore, I recommend this product highly, no matter what kind of project you are working on.

Key Features :

  • Most common sizes of bits
  • Easy elimination of chips
  • Holder organizes the tools nicely
  • Awesome construction for longevity
  • Anti-Wear


7. Titanium 5-Piece Set & Automatic Center Punch

It’s incredible how a step drill bit set can offer astonishing versatility. That’s why we are reviewing this drill bit in our best step drill bit list. And the model we want to talk about is just the kit for you in this regard. If you buy this kit, you will be saved from a lot of trouble. For, this little kit will serve the purpose of tens of drill bits.

When I found out about its construction, I knew that this model is very sturdily made. Yes, high-speed steel isn’t known to mess around when it comes to strength and durability. Also, the titanium coating adds the longevity it has to offer.

I was happy with the cutting performance of this drill bit set. It can deal with many sturdy materials. So, it will be a valuable possession if you have to work with steel sheets and such.

Also, I found the bits to keep the mess minimized. And you would know how lovely that is if you have an experience of cleaning the remaining particles. Moreover, the model impressed me with the design of the shank. With such a design, I expect to have smooth cutting experiences all the time.

Key Features :

  • Great versatility with different hole sizes
  • High-Speed steel construction for extreme strength
  • Titanium coating provides durability
  • Minimization of mess
  • Design of the shanks offers smooth drilling


8. Drill Bits Set for Sheet Metal with Aluminum Case

If you are looking for an easy to use tool kit, then this is the product for you. There will be very few products out there that will offer you the convenience this set does. You’ve got to check out the marking on the bits to know what I mean. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you can learn fast with this tool kit.

The bits are perfectly sized and shaped to make different sized holes. I also was quite pleased with the thickness these bits have, for I would love to use them on those sturdy materials that have been giving me a hard time.

In terms of compatibility, this kit will go best with plastic, aluminum, and sheet metal. Now, what about the speed of drilling with these bits? Well, they are impressively fast in what they do. They will cut through the toughest of materials in no time.

I loved the design of the cutting edges also. It assures me of smooth cutting experience. And the shank is also nicely made to resist slipping. So, you have a durable and versatile product over here that will be worth the money for sure.

Key Features :

  • Perfect size and shape for most of the projects
  • The incredible thickness for dealing with tough materials
  • Great speed of drilling
  • Cutting edges are nicely designed for smooth drilling
  • Anti-Slip shank


9. Neiko Set with Automatic Center Punch

We’ve been talking about drill bits for all this time. It’s time we paid attention to a different tool for a while. Yes, I am talking about the center punch that comes with this fantastic tool kit. It’s a joy working with an automatic tool like this. For, it makes the work so much easy by adjusting the force nicely.

Now, let’ get back to the bits. You will find them to be extremely durable, thanks to the high-speed steel construction they have. And when such a build is combined with titanium coating, magic is bound to happen. I would recommend this kit for working with plastic, stainless-steel, copper, and aluminum.

The design of the shank also made me happy with the model. With such a nice shank, there will be no chance of slippage. Also, the way it fits into the chucks is brilliant.

And we know how excellent double flute design is. There will be smooth cutting of the materials, thanks to this. And you won’t have to be annoyed with the chips also. For, this feature will clear them nicely.

Key Features :

  • Automatic center punch for easy adjustment of force
  • A durable material used for construction
  • Shank is designed to prevent slippage
  • Nice fitting into the chucks
  • Double flute design


10. Klein Drill Bit #15 Double Fluted

This is a single drill bit product. The brand that has made it has been doing it for over a century and a half. So, you can imagine how great it will be the quality of its products. And when you check this tool out, you will know that it’s going to be durable.

The double flute design is always a desired feature. For, people who love to work fast know the value of this design brilliance. Yes, this drill bit will get the job done quickly. Also, there will be little mess while working with this tool. For, this type of design makes chips to be cleared easily.

Another thing I appreciated is the grip it has. It fits so snugly into the chucks that makes the job a lot easy. Now, there might not be too many hole sizes you will get with this drill bit, but when it comes to starting the drilling, the bit will be fast.

I found the targets on the bit to be quite helpful. With these in place, it’s easy to keep track of the sizes of the holes. And all these features make it the awesome product it is.

Key Features :

  • Targets on the bits for ease of use
  • Snug-Fitting into the chucks
  • Fast drilling
  • Easy clearing of the chips
  • Many hole sizes


How To Choose a Step Drill Bit

Since the drill bit is small in size, it’s difficult to distinguish one product from another. And consequently, it becomes tough to determine whether a particular product is good or not. But, if you know about the features that make the tool great, then it will be easier for you to choose a model for yourself.

Let’s talk about a few crucial factors that play a vital role in making a product awesome.


A drill bit is used to cut through materials. And some of those materials are tough. Now, if the construction of the bit is heavy, then it won’t be a big deal for it to do the job. However, if the material that is used to make the bit isn’t that strong, then you are in trouble.

Also, a weak material will get damaged in no time once you use the bit to cut through some thick objects. Therefore, you need to make sure that the bit you are choosing comes with solid construction. This way, you can use the kit for years to come without it getting damaged.

There are quite a few materials that make strong bits. I liked the high-speed steel in particular. For, I’ve found the material to be long-lasting and sturdy. Some of the best step drill bit kits have this material for their construction.


Another important thing related to construction is the coating. Most of the bits we’ve reviewed come with titanium. This type of coating gives a bit extra strength so that it can serve the purpose for a long time. So, make sure that the coating on the kit is good.


If you have to work on different types of projects, you will have to make holes that have a wide range of sizes. Now, we’ve found some models to come with bits that can provide tens of different sizes of holes. Buying one of those products will save you a lot of effort, time, and money.

For, if the bits cannot offer you enough size options, then you will end up needing to buy other bits. Therefore, versatility is very precious a feature for this sort of tool. And you need your drill bit kit to offer you that.

Double Flute Design

In our article, we mentioned this feature over and over again. For great products out, there come with this incredible design brilliance most of the time. Now, why is it so valuable? Well, you will know the value of it once you see the chips nicely cleared while doing your work.

And if there’s no such feature, then it will take a bit of effort to keep your workplace clean. For, there would be chips everywhere.

Benefits of Step Drill Bit

This is a popular tool that is used by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The step drill bits can drill metals, wood, plastic, and so on. With these tools, drilling is fun and easy. For, they come with different steps for providing the user with varying sizes of holes.

Great for Sheet Metals

The bit works best with the sheet metals. You will be amazed at the smoothness of the holes it offers.

Lesser Mess

Also, there’s lesser mess while working with such a tool. For, it comes with a double flute design most of the time that clears the chips nicely.

Tips for Taking Care of Step Drill Bit

If you can manage to take proper care of your tool, it will serve the purpose for a long time. This way, you won’t have to spend extra money on buying a new kit soon. Now, is it too challenging to take good care of a step drill bit kit? Not at all, it’s as easy as it can be. Now, let’s learn how to do it right.

  • Step 1: You need to clean the bits at a regular interval during the work. Otherwise, it will be prone to damage faster than expected.
  • Step 2: You have to wipe the bit once you are done with the work.
  • Step 3: Scrub any debris off the bits by using a toothbrush.
  • Step 4: You can apply machine oil afterward to the bits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will a drill bit easily break?

No, it won’t, if it’s well-built. Therefore, make sure the material is strong to provide durability. Also, do not use the tool to cut through a material that it is not made for.

2. How should the bit turn?

It needs to turn clockwise. If you make any mistake in turning it the right way, then it won’t work.

3. Can I sharpen my drill bit?

Yes, you can. Using a bench grinder will be the way to go about it. However, you should learn the basics of sharpening the bit first.

4. What are the best coatings for drill bits?

I like the titanium and cobalt as the coating of the bits. For, they make the bits strong and durable.

5. What materials does a cobalt drill bit cut through?

It will cut through aluminum, stainless-steel, and sturdy materials like these. Cobalt is one of the hardest of materials as far as drill bits go.

Final Words

We are done reviewing the products and writing the buying guide to help you in finding the best step drill bit set. Now, you can choose any of these models. For, we’ve studied them hard before choosing them to be on our list of top products. They are great in every aspect.

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