Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle For Kids

Top 7 Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle For Kids – 2020 Version

It’s no secret that kids need to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Research shows that proper hydration helps the kids to stay focused and also increases their learning ability.

Thus, every parent wants their child to carry their personal water bottle all the time in order to quench their thirst as well as to energize them.

Unfortunately, finding a good water bottle isn’t an apple pie. That’s why I’m here to assist you in choosing the best stainless steel water bottle for kids.

Keep reading to get a list of good water bottles and also the buying advice to choose a good one.

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Summit Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Summit Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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HYDRO CELL Double Wall
HYDRO CELL Double Wall

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Modern Summit Bottle
Modern Summit Bottle

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HOMPO Stainless Steel Bottle
HOMPO Stainless Steel Bottle

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12oz Ascent Water Bottle
12oz Ascent Water Bottle

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Thermos Funtainer 12 Ounce Bottle
Thermos Funtainer 12 Ounce Bottle

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CHILLOUT LIFE Water Bottle for Kids
CHILLOUT LIFE Water Bottle for Kids

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Our Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle For Kids

Water will keep your child energized, safe, and, most importantly, hydrated. Investing in a good water bottle might be the best thing you could do for your child.

So, read on to select a good water bottle and gift a good childhood to your kid.

1. Summit Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Nothing can beat the appeal of a gorgeously designed durable water bottle. And Simple Modern is always one step ahead to manufacture these stunning water containers.

Here I’m presenting the Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle as the champion of our list of the best stainless steel water bottle for kids. This is a solid choice for home use, office tours, hiking, running, or other outdoor activities.

Rather than the durability, the design is the very first thing that will blow your mind at the very first glance. It is available in different colors, shades, and sizes. Every single shade is so beautiful that your kid will definitely fall for it.

This water bottle is made of premium 18/8 stainless steel. It’s a pretty robust material for manufacturing the durable water bottles. You know, kids must need a durable bottle unless you want to buy a new bottle every week.

Concentrating on the durability and design doesn’t mean that Simple Modern may ignore the safety issue. It is made of food-grade safe steel, which can keep your child hydrated without risking his/her health.

To keep your beverages at a steady temperature for hours, Simple Modern provides double-walled vacuum insulation capability with this bottle.

The vacuum-sealed inner wall area is covered with a premium quality copper-coated insulation layer. This layer provides extra insulation to your liquid.

For enjoying your outdoor activities efficiently, Simple Modern added two different lids with this bottle. The first one is a stainless steel lid, and another one is the leak-proof flip lid.

In general, you may use the stainless steel lid every time. But you must use the leak-proof lid while traveling, cycling, or performing other outdoor activities.

Key Features :

  • BPA free
  • Food-grade safe material
  • Leak-proof flip lid available
  • Double-walled vacuum installation
  • Premium copper-coated interior layer

2. HYDRO CELL Double Wall Water Bottle

Hydro Cell stainless water bottle is specially designed for active kids. With the rugged body material and versatile functionality, it can accompany your kid during the mountain riding, scout training, camping, or other workout sessions.

Let’s have a look at the features of this bottle in details.

This Hydro flask is made from premium 18/8 stainless steel. It is completely free from corrosion and oxidation. So, your little one won’t feel any metallic or rusty taste in his/her mouth.

To make the hangout sessions even more enjoyable, Hydro Cell attached an anti-slip powder coating layer in it. This additional layer added extra protection to your bottle and made it a good choice for the tough activities.

You’ll also get two different lids with this Hydro Cell water bottle. Both of these are available within the standard packaging.

The first lid is the stainless steel screw cap. This cap will make your bottle totally airtight. You know, an airtight water flask is a mandatory item for any tough adventure.

And the second one is a sports lid that comes with a straw. Because of the moving parts of this lid, it is not entirely airtight. But, it’s definitely a good choice for urban activities or athletics.

Additionally, this hydro flask is completely vacuum-sealed. Thus, you don’t need to worry about condensation. Its insulated chamber will keep your beverages cold for 24 hours. And the hot liquid will stay hot for 8 hours.

Storing the hot liquid won’t cause any sweating issue for your bottle. Hydro Cell manufactures this product to make it completely free from sweating or leakage problem.

To make this bottle such a durable one, Hydro Cell doesn’t include any plastic by-products like plasticizers, polymers, or any other synthetic elements in this bottle. So, it becomes a completely healthier choice for your little one.

Using a risk-free water bottle will keep your kids safe on any adventure. And while the kid is safe, you can live tension-free!

Key Features :

  • BPA free
  • Leakage proof
  • Vacuum sealed
  • Good for urban roaming
  • Made from premium stainless steel

3. Modern Summit Water Bottle with Straw Lid

If your kids demand a beautiful solution for their hydration, this sleek designed 18 oz water bottle could be a good deal for you.

It is made from premium 18/8 stainless steel. This material is highly rust-proof and corrosion-free. Most importantly, it won’t retain the flavor from your previous drink as the plastic bottles do.

Besides that, the 18/8 stainless steel is completely BPA free. So, your kid’s health is secure with this material.

This Summit bottle comes with a double-walled exterior. There’s a vacuum seal between the walls. This double-wall exterior helps to keep your drink at the ideal temperature for hours. The imbalance of temperature won’t cause any sweating or heating issue.

To increase the insulation, the exterior of the vacuum sealed area is dipped with copper. Copper reduces the heat transfer and adds more insulation to your Simple Modern bottle.

Though copper increases the insulation, a tiny fault in the lid may ruin everything. That’s why every manufacturer wants to add a leak-proof straw cap in their bottle. But, developing a leak-proof cap is a big challenge because of the straw.

Fortunately, Simple Modern successfully did it and attached a leak-proof lid with this bottle. However, this lid is leak-resistant only in the closed position.

Key Features :

  • Gorgeous rainbow design
  • Effective leak-proof straw lid
  • Double finish coat
  • Built with premium 18/8 stainless steel
  • Copper coated insulation

4. HOMPO Stainless Steel Water Bottle

If your kid wants to lead an adventurous life, he/she must need a quality water bottle to stay energized. And the HOMPO Stainless Steel Water Bottle provides everything your youngster needs for proper hydration in his/her adventurous life.

This is a stylish, slim, and durable product that is ideal for cycling, camping, hiking, fitness training, hunting, or fishing trips. These bottles are scratch-resistant and durable enough for the adventurers.

HOMPO used high-performance 18/8 stainless steel material, which is completely food-grade safe. Even you won’t get any smell of your previously stored drinks if you use this bottle.

It also doesn’t generate any rusty or metallic taste on your mouth. Overall, it’s a good choice if you are concerned about the proper hydration of your kid.

Just like the extreme durability, it is healthier too. You can keep your drinks warm in the winter and cold in the summer season for a day by using this HOMPO Stainless Steel water bottle.

HOMPO deserves a BIG thanks for including the great double-wall insulation system in it. You can keep your water warm for a whole day by the blessing of its prominent insulation service.

And the FDA approval just increases its appeal way more to the consumers. This approval ensures that you are getting a quality product while buying this HOMPO water flask.

Unlike the previous Simple Modern water bottle, it contains only one lid. But, this lid is completely Phthalates and BPA free. So, you can use this bottle without being tensed about the lid material.

Even you won’t face any leakage or spilling issue on this bottle. Thus, your kid will stay free from the accidental spills.

Key Features :

  • Designed for the adventures
  • Scratch-resistant
  • FDA approved
  • BPA free
  • Suitable for daily use

5. 12oz Ascent Water Bottle

Small water bottles are too cute to look, and kids love using those. Thus Simple Modern manufactures a compact water bottle, especially for the kids who prefer sleek designed compact bottles.

Though this water bottle comes in a compact size, it doesn’t mean Simple Modern sacrifices the quality. In reality, it is as good as any other water bottle on this list. Let’s check its features in short.

Simple Modern Ascent is made from premium quality 18/8 stainless steel. This material is highly renowned for its BPA free and food-grade safety.

Just like the other Simple Modern bottles, it also comes with a copper-coated insulation layer. The inner-wall exterior is completely vacuum-sealed and copper-coated. This thin copper-coated wall increases the insulation level.

Its double-walled insulation system is suitable for keeping the beverage in your preferred temperature for hours.

Another amazing fact of this bottle is the lids. The uniquely designed handle lid makes it a perfect travel companion. A couple of fingers of your kids will fit comfortably under the handle.

However, the mouth portion is quite narrow. But it fits well with the kid’s mouth. You know, the narrow-mouth water bottles have some pretty good advantages. It reduces the possibility of sloshing and spilling while drinking from the bottle.

Key Features :

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Ascent handle lid
  • Copper coated insulation
  • Food-grade building material

Things to Consider Before Buying Stainless Steel Water Bottle for Kids

Choosing the kid’s water bottle is a challenging task. There are lots of things to consider before you hit the market for a quality water bottle. Check below to know more about those essential features that make a quality water bottle.


Choosing the building material is the very first thing you should do before purchasing a bottle. Kid’s water bottles are mainly made of glass, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. All of these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Glass-made bottles are renowned for keeping the water odorless, tasteless, and safe from germs. It also keeps your kids drink as fresh as your house bottles. The only drawback of the glass bottle is its fragileness.

Plastic has a poor reputation among all of the products listed above. But, if you want a durable yet lightweight solution, plastic bottles should be your first concern. Make sure that you’ve used BPA free and reusable plastic. Another drawback of this machine is that it is prone to absorbing smells and tastes over time.

The most used material for a water bottle is aluminum and stainless steel. Stainless steel made bottles are easy to clean, lightweight, and definitely stout. Even it lasts longer than plastic or glass bottles. Further, it won’t produce any odd smells or flavors to your drink.

And the only drawback of this material is that it gets dented pretty easily. However, it doesn’t reduce the functionality of your bottle. Overall, it’s a good investment for your kid’s water bottle.

Size and Weight

The size of a product is a crucial point for your kid. Before choosing the bottle size, you should ask a few questions to yourself. For example –

  • Will that bottle hold enough water for your kid?
  • Will it fit with your kids’ backpack?
  • Is the bottle lightweight enough?

Answering this question will help you to determine the bottle size for your kid. Remember, capacity can be measured in both ounces and liters. And a 5 to 8 years old kid needs about five glasses of water per day.

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You should look for a bottle that comes with a leakage-proof construction. It ensures that water won’t flow from the container regardless of the movements.


If your kid loves hiking, running or other outdoor activities, you should choose a water bottle with nozzles. It allows him/her to take fluids without stopping his/her workout.

But, don’t choose the wide-mouth bottle for your kid. It makes the sipping difficult while your child is in the middle of his/her workout session.


A reliable insulation system is mandatory if you want to carry warm water or milk in your bottle. And for that purpose, you may consider purchasing a no secret vacuum bottle. You just need to make sure that the bottle doesn’t sweat.

Ease of Cleaning

Kids are messy by nature. Playing with dirt and spilling the drink is one of the most favorite acts of the kids. So, you should choose a bottle that can be cleaned easily.

An easy to clean water bottle ensures that you can keep the bottle free from harmful germs and grimes.

You may choose a dishwasher-safe bottle for your kids. It will reduce your cleaning hassle significantly.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Stainless steel manufactured water bottle is way more famous for its several benefits. Here, I’ll discuss the most important benefits of these bottles. Let’s start –

BPA Free

It is the most valuable feature of these water bottles. This BPA free structure makes it a safer choice for consumers.

BPA is a harmful element that may increase your health risks. Generally, the BPA is available in plastic. Until you are using a plastic bottle, you are free from the threat of BPA.


The stainless steel bottles are very durable than plastic bottles. And the plastic bottles are so flimsy and crush easily.

On the contrary, stainless steel bottles are durable enough to survive in any condition. That’s why steel bottles are the first choice for many adventurers and athletes.


The stainless steel bottles are healthier than plastic or aluminum ones. Also, the plastic bottles may contain BPA, and aluminum increases the skeletal risk for infants.


Stainless steel is more eco-friendly than other materials. Manufacturers can easily change the form of your steel bottle and build anything else.

You may notice the plastic bottle manufacturer’s claims that they use recyclable plastic on their bottle. But, these aren’t entirely recyclable. At the end of the day, the plastic bottles cause harm to our nature.


The temperature retention facility for steel is pretty excellent. And the high-quality insulation facility can keep your fluid at a steady temperature for a long time.

Easy Cleaning

Hygiene is a significant factor for drinks. Unhygienic water increases your health risk significantly. That’s why you have to clean the water bottle almost every day.

Fortunately, most of the steel bottles support dishwasher cleaning and won’t cause any hassle while cleaning.
On the other hand, plastic bottles may meltdown when you put them in the dishwasher.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between a child and an adult water bottle?

Though the sole purpose of a water bottle is the same for both kids and adults, there’s some subtle difference between those. The main differences between them are the size, weight, and lid.

Adults need more fluid than a kid. And they can also handle more solid objects. It means the adult bottles need to be capable of holding more water than the kid’s bottle. And the adult water bottles are also more weighted than the kid’s one.

The lid of the kid’s water bottle commonly contains spout lids or straws. It helps the kids to drink efficiently as well as reduce the chance of sloshing. On the contrary, adults prefer to drink directly. So, there isn’t any kind of straws in the adult water bottle.

2. Are these water bottles dishwasher safe?

Not every water bottle is dishwasher safe. To be exact, the maximum numbers of bottles are not dishwasher safe. Well, there’s nothing wrong if the bottle isn’t dishwasher safe. You can still clean the bottle with your bare hand by using clean water.

Don’t forget to read the cleaning instruction to know whether your bottle is dishwasher safe or not. Otherwise, the dishwasher may cause some permanent damage to your container.

3. What is the best material for a kid’s water bottle?

Kid’s water bottles are available in different materials. The most common materials are aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, and glass. You can choose any of these based on your preference.

However, if you want a safe, durable, and lightweight solution, I will suggest you choose the stainless steel made bottles.

4. Can I put hot liquid in the water bottle?

Unless you are using the plastic bottles, there’s nothing wrong with putting hot liquid in the bottle. If you have to drink hot liquid pretty often, it’s better to use the steel made containers.

5. How long can the insulated water bottle keep the temperature steady?

The insulated water bottles are specially made for keeping the temperature steady.

Most of the insulated bottles can keep the hot liquids hot for up to 12 hours and cold liquids in its temperature for 24 hours.

Final Words

With the right water bottle, you can stop worrying about the thirst complains of your kids. And being durable and eco-friendly at the same time, the stainless steel bottles are an excellent solution to fulfill the water needs of your child.

Hope that you’ve chosen a decent one from our list of the best stainless steel water bottle for kids.

Stay hydrated, stay healthy!