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Top 5 Best Spark Plug Gap Tool in 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

What is that one thing to keep in mind while buying a spark plug gap tool? To mind the gap! The accurate size of the gap is very crucial to ignite the whole system.

Various gap tools come in various patterns to satisfy different sort of necessities. For instance – some come with a feeler gauge, some with ramp-style while the others may have a wire-loop style.

Measuring and setting up the gap tool is not a hard job, but trying to find the best spark plug gap tool that fits all your necessities may need some research as there are way too many options available in the market. So, let’s not waste time and start digging the right gap tool for you!

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Stainless Steel gap tool
Stainless Steel gap tool

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A & E Hand Spark Plug Gap Tools
A & E Hand Spark Plug Gap Tools

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Lisle 67870 Spark Plug Gauge Gap
Lisle 67870 Spark Plug Gauge Gap

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CTA Tools Ramp Type
CTA Tools Ramp Type

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Wide Gap Wire Spark Plug and Gauge Tool
Wide Gap Wire Spark Plug

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Our Top 5 Best Spark Plug Gap Tool In 2020

The availability of the gap tools in the market is not a few. So, you have to go through the description of some tools before selecting the right one for you. In this article, I tried to narrate and give you an overall idea about the gap tool options.

1. Stainless Steel gap tool

Manufactured by Hotop, this one is a very high-quality product. It is also easy to use since it is foldable, easy to carry. The weight is approximately 4 to 5 ounces, which is not at all heavy to carry.

This tool has an outer texture that looks more like a pocket knife. As per the name suggests, this one has thirty-two blades. The blades are made of thin steel called manganese. Since the blades come all together, the makers designed a small circular hole for your fingertips to separate the blades and use them more flexible.

Dual units of measuring are one of the highlighted features of this tool. The tool comes with two universal measurement systems. One is the metric system, and the other comes in inches. The size varies from 0.04mm to 0.88mm.

The best buyers for this product could be people who deal with engines or sparks daily say for the people working in the engineering sector or the mechanics as well. Also, if you want to give your inner designer a shot, you can easily go for this one.

To protect this tool from rust and enhance its durability, they used some anti-rust oil. So, don’t get doubts if you see rust oil on this material.

Key Features :

  • Comes with folding options which leaves room for flexibility
  • Easy to carry around as it will fit in your pocket or bag
  • Uses dual measuring patterns which helps different customers with different preferences
  • The thirty-two blades that you get here are very well-calibrated
  • Budget-Friendly product

2. A & E Hand Spark Plug Gap Tools

If I have to mention one company that has been serving for a long time and earn the customer’s trust then undoubtedly, I will recommend A&E. So, when they came up with a spark plug gap gauge, which is universal, it does ensure high quality indeed.

This one is one of the best gap tools as it covers not only the newest vehicle options but also the oldest ones as well. Thus, it helps both the models to stay in the market and help buyers of both kinds.

Another unique feature of this tool is that it is literally “pocket-friendly.” Here, I did not mean this is cheap. What I meant is that it can fit in your pocket easily. You will also find a bonus scale that will help you to calculate the length. And you will find it just on the back of the device.

It is a simple yet very functional tool. The handle used in this tool is made of hard plastic, which does not get broken easily. Also, you will see an adjustment hole on the bottom of the product that will come in handy to make the gaps wider.

What I don’t like about the product is that it is not the most compact spark plug gap tool. But overall, I would recommend giving this fantastic tool a shot, and it will not disappoint you.

Key Features :

  • Budget-Friendly product
  • It has a wide range of different models
  • It is a universal tool that can not only fix gaps but also measure them, even the tiniest ones!

3. Lisle 67870 Spark Plug Gauge Gap

If you are looking for an affordable spark plug gap that will finish your work with perfection and will not empty your pocket at the same time, this gap tool produced by Lisle is a good one to consider.

This one has a strong base structured for endurance and more working capability. It is a ramp-style gauge that is similar to silver dollar with sizes marked circularly.

They are the cheapest and most handy type of gauges since you can change the distance or space between the spark plug and also can reshape the electrodes with them. So, in that term, it is one of the best tools to be considered while purchasing.

The subside border it comes with is for gauging spark plugs. It has a custom-designed hole along with adjusted side wires of the plug so that the center electrode doesn’t end up taking too many loads.

It also has an easy to read scale, which makes it more convenient. Furthermore, this one allows for quick adjustment of spark plug clearance.

This one has some shady sides, as well. If you judge based on quality, I will not recommend this very highly as this one comparatively bears a poor quality. But at the same time, it is cheap, so it is wise for the newbies to practice with this tool first.

Key Features :

  • The tool provides more precise measurements, which are essential while fixing the gap
  • Very flexible and easy to use
  • The base material they use is steel, which gives the tool perfect construction

4. CTA Tools Ramp Type

The next gap tool I have nominated for your consideration is the Ramp-type spark plug gapper manufactured by CTA tools. This company has been serving since 1978, so definitely, there is no question of reliability.

It uses a ramp-type spark gauge tool that comes in a round shape. Furthermore, the rotation structure leaves room for more flexibility. This one has a range from 0.02 to 1 inch. Additionally, this fantastic product is inexpensive compared to other products.

This tool comes in two different measurement tools. It gives both inches and millimeters readings. The slight problem this one has is that it is a little bit hard to ready the least accurate gauges. So, a person may face difficulties to read the numbers on it.

Key Features :

  • This tool is a budget-friendly product
  • Available in 2 universal specific sizes
  • Resize option is also available
  • A user-friendly tool so you will not need a manual
  • Entire design enhances long-term use

5. Wide Gap Wire Spark Plug and Gauge Tool

This one is undoubtedly the best wire spark plug and gauge tool manufactured by Performance Tool. It is a wire-type spark plug gap tool which is designed to give an accurate measurement.

Furthermore, this one is both enduring and enhances the engine’s capability. It uses dual-measurement scales. The sizes come in both SAE and Metric system.

Also, the new models of engines that are developing now are target customers for this one. This tool is modified to cope up with modern tech engines that have high powers. The outer exterior is smooth, where the inner one is heavily constructed.

Although this one is not an issue but this product may include wire rings that can be feeble and may need to reassemble.

Key Features :

  • This tool will not empty your pocket, definitely worth the money
  • Available in a dual measuring system
  • Very practical and user-friendly
  • This tool includes a pair of spark plugs with electrodes

Things to Consider Before Buying Spark Plug Gap Tool

Well, it may seem easy to shop a gap tool now after knowing the varieties and highlighted features. But there are some things you need to consider before buying your gap tool. Here, we will tell you about the features that will help you to find the best spark plug gap tool.

Types of Materials

There are different types of spark plugs. Let’s get to know them.

Copper and Nickel Spark Plug

This one is used widely and the most generalized plug among all. The outer texture is made of copper, and the inner texture is coated with a mixture of nickel. Though this one is cheap and common, it cannot serve long time purposes.

Platinum Spark Plug

As per the name suggests, this one uses platinum as a coating. The benefit of using platinum anywhere is that it will not hamper your product structure or fade away if you keep using it. Platinum is an excellent and long-lasting material. So, the shelf-life of your spark plug will automatically increase with this material.

Iridium Spark Plug

Iridium makes the plug stay working for a long time. Although it is a hard material, it will break easily, so it is a better choice to go for a wire-loop style rather than a circular shape one.

Silver Spark Plug

Among all the materials, silver or Argentum is the highest electrically conductive element. They show very little resistivity towards the charge. The buyer of this plug is mainly the European people.

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It’s good to buy the tool from a famous brand as they are known to be more reliable in terms of quality. The products reviewed here are from reputed brands so that you can choose any of them.


When you are purchasing a spark plug gap tool, make sure the measurement system is calibrated in a method that you prefer. Otherwise, you will have difficulties using it.


The markings on the tool should not be difficult to read. It’s best if they are made by laser as it can create clear markings.

Why Buy a Gap Tool?

If you want your car’s engine at its best and enhance the air-fuel ratio, you need to create a bright spark, and that is where the tool shows its charisma. A proper spark plug gap tool helps you to achieve that required gap given by the company or the customized gap you want.

If the gap expands too much, then it might resist the spark or not create a spark at all. On the other hand, if the gap is too tiny, then it may create a feeble spark that may not be sufficient.

Another important thing is that it protects your electrodes from burning away as it gives the specific direction of alignment. That is why to make sure your machine works properly; it will be thoughtful of you to spend a few bucks on a useful gap tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What gap should my spark plugs be?

The plugs should be in a specific range gap. The ideal gap varies from one to another. But in general, try to keep it in between 0.55”. Sometimes, the manufacturer can set different measurements.

2. What happens if the point gap is too small?

If the gap is too tiny to fit, then the plug will not create an efficient spark, and thus the product will not serve its cause.

3. What happens if the point gap is too broad?

If the area of the gap is too expanded, then it may not release fire.

4. Do one need to change the spark plug regularly?

Every metal product comes with an expiration date. So, you should check the manufacturer’s given time first, and sometimes the material may fade and lose conductivity. Then you need to change it or upgrade it for a better outcome.

5. Do you gap Iridium spark plugs?

It’s not required. But if you do, you have to be very cautious.

Final Words

All the information I have provided, consider all of these as a guidance system to find the best spark plug gap tool for you. This basic knowledge will help you make the decision precise and accurate. But at the end of the day, it is all about your choice and how you want your tool to work.

I hope this article helps you to reach the final verdict and ease up your dilemma.