Best Metal Pegboard: Top Rated Steel Pegboards To Buy

Have you got a whole lot of tools? Then you know better than anyone that organizing them can be nothing short of a nightmare. Screwdrivers here, a hammer there, pliers somewhere, but who knows where… It’s easy to find yourself lost in a mess of things even if you’re normally a very neat person.

How do you organize your tools without ever losing sight of them? How to keep them neat and accessible without losing your mind & wasting your time? It’s simple — you need a metal pegboard.

A metal peg board is the number one tool for wall control. It helps you keep your things organized and tidy without too much work. How to find one for you? That’s also simple — keep reading below! We will tell you all you need to know about the best metal pegboard & the best steel pegboards to buy.

What is a Metal Peg Board?

Metal pegboard, also known as perforated hardboard or galvanized steel pegboard, is hands down one of the best tools for wall control & garage tool storage that you will ever find. A metal peg board is exactly what it says on the label — it’s a board, made out of metal, acrylic, or another material, that you can hang on the wall.

These boards allow you to hang all sorts of tools on the wall, within an arm’s reach. If you’ve previously kept your screwdrivers and other tools in a box, you’ll quickly see the benefit of switching to a pegboard. There is simply no better way to keep your things organized & easily accessible and seen.

The best metal pegboards are typically scratch-resistant, extremely durable, large (or small, if that’s your preference), and filled to the brim with storage options. They make amazing tools for your garage.

Things To Consider When Buying a Metal Pegboard

You’re almost there! You’re now well on the way to owning the best steel pegboard for your business or for personal use. However, if you want to cut down on the shopping time, please make sure to consider all of the following aspects of your future pegboard.


You first need to ask yourself how big a pegboard you really need. Some models are truly massive, while smaller ones are hardly bigger than a painting. Keep in mind that for heavier tools, regardless of material, you need a bigger board.

Spacing & hole sizes

Most pegboard has holes with 1-inch spacing. However, there’s more than one thickness and hole size for you to choose from.

  • Pegboard with smaller holes, referred to as ‘small hole’ pegboard, is usually ⅛” thick, with a hole diameter of 3/16″. This amounts to size ⅛” pegs. Ideally, you should only be using this kind of pegboard for smaller projects and lightweight items.
  • Large hole pegboards are much bigger — measuring at ¼” thick headboard with ¼” hole diameter. These holes work with ⅛” and ¼” accessories. This kind of pegboard is used in workshops, garages, storage facilities, and other such environments.


As mentioned above, material plays a huge role in the type of use your pegboard will have. The general rule of thumb is that metal will be the most sturdy option, so if you’re planning to hang heavy tools, you should shy away from masonite.

List Of The Best Metal Pegboards

You know all about metal pegboard — all that remains is to pick the best one for you! To save you time, we shortlisted some of our current market favorites. Keep reading for a guide to the best metal pegboards in 2020.

Best Metal Pegboards To Buy

Wall Control Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack

Preview Product Rating Price
Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack No ratings yet $49.44

As this is the first product on our list of reviews, we might as well get this out of the way — Wall Control produces some of the best pegboard available on the market. This manufacturer, closely focused on the best metal pegboards, manages to deliver products that are both sturdy and functional. That’s exactly what this pegboard pack is.

Made out of metal, this Wall Control pegboard is over ten times stronger than traditional variants. It measures 32″ x 16″ and it comes in several colors, the chief of them being this galvanized steel shade. You can also pick up the pegboard with a full set of accessories or hooks instead of just the board alone.

This pegboard is made with a pre-built ¾” flange. This separates the storage surface from the wall without any extra work on your part. Consequently, it allows you to mount the panels directly into studs or sheetrock with no additions.


  • Ten times stronger than traditional pegboard
  • Available in several variants
  • Moderately large size
  • Comes in some great color options


  • It’s preferable to use Wall Control round pegboard pegs and not off-brand pegs

Wall Control Pegboard Value Pack of Three

Pegboard is, generally, rather inexpensive if you consider the value it adds to your garage. However, if you want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, you should look into this Wall Control metal pegboard — it’s a pack of three!

Coming in a variety of exciting, vibrant colors, this pack of Wall Control pegboard panels contains three panels that each measure 16-inches tall and 32-inches wide. These horizontal panels offer the chance to make tool storage and organization a breeze.

This metal pegboard accepts slotted pegs as well as round pegs, so you can take your pick. The round pegs should be ¼” in diameter, while the peg accessories need to be Wall Control pegboard brand hooks to fit well.


  • Exciting color range, from galvanized steel pegboard, to pink, to yellow, and many more
  • Accepts several storage solutions
  • Three pegboards included
  • Mounting hardware included


  • If you don’t use specialty hooks from Wall Control, you will have to fasten them to the board – a conventional pegboard peg won’t work

Pegboard Organizer 4 ft. Metal Pegboard

You want to get pegboard, but you have no idea where to begin with accessories? This Wall Control product was made just for you. Not only do you get high-quality best metal pegboard tool boards, you also get some very useful accessories for optimal garage tool storage on this Wall Control pegboard.

This Wall Control metal pegboard is super-strong and made to last. It comes in a magnetic galvanized finish, but you can also opt to pick one of the exciting colors that it comes in, ensuring that it will fit your space well.

Wall Control provides you with this tool storage organizer that can accept conventional ¼” pegs as well as the entire assortment of Wall Control hardware storage solutions, including all kinds of pegboard accessories.


  • Comes with several black accessories
  • Easy to mount (mounted directly on studs)
  • No framework required


  • Buying with accessories is a pricier option

Pegboard Rack Wall Control

If one pegboard will not suffice, this set of two metallic galvanized pegboards might just do the trick for you. Produced by the legendary Wall Control, these pegboards are sturdy & dependable under any circumstances.

This Wall Control pegboard is remarkably easy to install. Unlike competitor models, you don’t have to mount it on any additional accessories. Wall Control provides you with all the mounting hardware you’ll need which will allow you to secure this pegboard tightly to the wall.

As most pegboards do, this one too accepts ¼ inch pegboard pegs as well as Wall Control’s full assortment of brand hooks, shelves, brackets, and more.


  • Offers a lot of storage options
  • Accepts all Wall Control hooks, pegs, shelves, pegboard accessories
  • Various colors available
  • Metallic, sturdy finish


  • Not sold in singles

Pegboard Wall Organizer Tiles

Some people prefer to own a single massive pegboard, but if you’d rather have some versatility in your shed or workshop, this set of four smaller panels is a good pick. Painted with a lasting color that truly sets it apart, this galvanized steel pegboard serves just as much in terms of storage as it does in terms of aesthetic.

This pegboard measures 12″ in height and 16″ in width, and it’s very expandable. As such, you can make up any combination of pegboard that you want, depending on how many sets of this you buy.

Easy to use and to install, this workstation accessory kit allow you to arrange them in any way you want without creating any gaps. Top to bottom, side by side, or completely separate — choose whatever suits you best to store your wall mounted products in the best way.


  • Easy setup
  • Can be combined into various storage options
  • Pack of four
  • Universal & colorful


  • Each individual panel is rather small

TORACK Pegboard Organizer Garage Store Kit

While our list is full of top-notch Wall Control products, you may want to explore the options provided by other brands, too. If you’d like to buy something else than Wall Control, TORACK is a fantastic option when it comes to reputable best metal pegboard brands.

Made out of powder-coated steel, this metal pegboard is super-strong and capable of carrying all your tools. It makes a fantastic addition to any workshop, shed, storage, and more.

The maximum capacity of this metal pegboard is very high and can be evenly distributed across the board. The pack comes with a large amount of goodies, including the pegboard itself, steel rail, bins, shelves, pegs, screwdriver hooks, paper towel holder, drill bit storage boxes, and more.


  • Comprehensive set of accessories including drill bit box, hooks, and more
  • Several pegboards in one package
  • Easily installed
  • Durable


  • Quite expensive

Ultrawall Garage Storage 48×36 inch Pegboard

Ultrawall presents yet another alternative to Wall Control. This is a brand that produces high-quality pegboards and meets all the requirements of your shed, workshop, industrial, or shop storage needs.

These pegboards are made out of super steel. Powder-coated steel is rust and chipping resistant, nearly impossible to bend, and dependable for years. This pegboard can hold up to 1200 lbs — you’d be hard-pressed to find something stronger.

This large metal pegboard comes with a complete set of items that compose a full storage kit. You’ll get shelves, hooks, storage bins, mini hooks, and so much more.


  • Comes with lots of extra accessories
  • Contains shelves, boxes, hooks
  • Large pegboard
  • Made out of extra-durable material


  • Installing it can be time-consuming

KINGRACK 3-Tier Storage Rolling Cart with Removable Pegboard

Sometimes you may need other options for storage than just a board to hang on the wall. If you’d like to benefit from a pegboard in other ways than just what pegboard panels offer, this storage rolling cart is a great option for you. It’s a complete workstation accessory kit that can accompany your tool boards for even easier storage of your accessories.

This peg board cart system saves space and helps you organize your items in a neat manner. This cart can be used in many different places, such as the garage, the kitchen, the laundry room, or even the bedroom. It has a modern design that doesn’t dip too far into industrial, which means it’s exceptionally versatile.

Apart from being handy, it can also carry quite a lot — each of the three shelves has a capacity of up to 44 lb, and then there’s also the pegboard on the side.


  • Fantastic storage solution
  • White pegboard color
  • Three shelves
  • Pegboard with accessories included
  • Wheels included


  • It’s not very large

How Strong Are Pegboards?

Short answer: galvanized metal pegboard panels are normally super-strong and can easily sustain quite a beating, so they will survive a move and other less-than-ideal circumstances.

Long answer: how much a peg board can hold depends on the type. As there are various kinds of peg boards, you will find that some of them can hold massive weights, while some other types are suited to lightweight items. Generally, you can expect a metal pegboard to hold up to a whopping 100 pounds.

When it comes to metal hooks which you then place on the pegboard, some of them can hold up to 20 pounds, but this falls down to the material and manufacturer guidelines. Make sure you always check the maximum weight before you use either the pegboard itself or a hook or fastener.

There are also heavy-duty metal pegboards out there. Those systems can hold truly heavy items, including tools such as a lawnmower. They are not the same as most pegboards, so you need to keep an eye out for those specifically.

Who Should Use a Metal Pegboard?

Metal pegboards, and all other kinds of perforated boards, are found all over the place — you’d be surprised as to how many times you’d seen one. Many kinds of businesses or hobby outlets benefit from owning a pegboard.

Here are some of the places you might find a use for a metal pegboard:

  • In your garage
  • In the shed
  • In the workshop (business or personal)
  • In a factory
  • In a storage room or facility
  • In a store

The last one may be a bit surprising, but pegboards are actually commonly used in stores. Combined with pegboard metal hooks or holders, they offer even more freedom for arranging your tools.

Pegboards of all kinds also find their uses in games and in educational purposes. They are favorites with the kids, as they can be used in a similar way to pixel art, allowing the child to insert colored squares or lettering. This creates collage and encourages creativity.

A metal pegboard, or any other kind of pegboard, can also be used in schools or for homeschooling in order to replace an abacus. Basic things like sum, multiply, divide, and subtract, can all be easily demonstrated on the board by moving numbers around.

Pegboard Types — Which One is The Best?

While our main focus in this buyer’s guide is to tell you all about metal pegboards, there are other types that may suit you as well. Not all of them serve the same purpose, or rather, not all of them perform certain tasks equally well. Which pegboard is the best one for you?

Metal pegboard

Metal pegboards are typically the most sturdy, and thus, most commonly used in workshop/garage environments. Regardless of where you use them, these steel boards tend to be nearly indestructible while offering ample storage solutions.

A metal pegboard is typically made out of steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. As far as aesthetics go, these boards are sleek and have a clean look that emphasizes the way your tool collection looks on the board.

The benefits of galvanized metal pegboard panels include:

  • They’re heavy duty & resistant to scratching, sagging, warping, bending, and other issues
  • They’re super-easy to maintain — no product is needed to clean them
  • Metal pegboards are neat and they truly make your tools stand out, allowing you to create a handy way to store your tools that also makes them look fantastic

On the other hand, best metal pegboards may also have some downsides, depending on your circumstances. They’re rather heavy, so carrying them around might be problematic. They need to be kept away from moisture to avoid rust (however, some models have anti-rust protections in place). Lastly, they’re usually the most expensive of all, but that is the price you pay for their greater durability.

Masonite pegboard

A masonite peg board (conventional pegboard) is quite common and easy to find on the market. These pegboards are usually made out of compressed wood fiber mixed with resin. Then, once made, they are coated with a thin layer of oil to give them more protection and shine.

The benefits of masonite pegboards are:

  • They’re easily found in most stores so you can purchase them anywhere
  • They come in a variety of slotted hole sizes (1/8-inch holes and ¼-inch holes are both common)
  • They’re inexpensive

However, they are not perfect. For one, you will need to buy extra furring strips to install them, as masonite pegboards have to be lifted off the wall that you’re installing them on. You also cannot use these to hang heavy tools, as they’re nowhere near as sturdy as metal pegboards. If you happen to overload a masonite pegboard, you are likely to encounter bending and warping.

Plastic pegboard & acrylic pegboard

While a plastic peg board and an acrylic pegboard is not the same thing exactly, they both serve similar purposes and have similar traits. These pegboards are made out of molded co-polymer plastic or acrylic.

  • They are versatile and lightweight, which means that they are often picked up by people who don’t need to hang heavy items
  • They come in a wide range of sizes
  • They’re durable

On the other hand, plastic will never quite have the same durability as metal does. It’s always a bit of a risk, especially when you want to hang something heavy. They’re also more prone to discoloration and/or bending than metal pegboards.


Best metal pegboard is the number one key to solving all the issues you may have been having in regards to tool storage. Not only is everything stored neatly and within an arm’s reach, but your collection also serves as a point of pride, displayed for everyone to see. A galvanized steel pegboard will display each and every hook, peg, and shelf in a great way.

Whether you need pegboard for your hobby, education, or for your business, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to make sure you never lose any tools again. Take precise measurements and get your pegboard — you’re never going to go back to boxes and drawers!

To keep things even more organized we recommend you get yourself some zip ties as well.