Top 10 Best Kibble Dog Food in 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

Did you just adopt a dog? Or do you simply just want a different kind of food for your dog? In any case, this is one sector you should be careful about. Your pet’s regular meals will determine its health and life span in general.

Different dogs have different needs, and before choosing a suitable dry food for your pet, you should first try to understand it better. However, if you are having a hard time, then we are here to help you.

We are here to provide ample information regarding the best kibble dog food out there. Along with that, we will also discuss what makes them the best for your dog and the factors that you should focus on.

Getting your dog, the best food, surely will get more accessible now!

Our 10 Best Kibble Dog Food in 2020

Multiple options have been mentioned here. However, not all of them are going to be suitable for your dog. Hence, do choose a product that would ideally take care of all the needs of your pet.

1. Stella’s Super Beef Meal Mixers

To make sure your dogs are getting proper nutrition regularly, you need to choose a healthy yet flavorful meal for them. And what could provide both of these qualities better than this dog food!

If your dog is bored with meals or is just picky in general, then you can add a scoop of meal mixers to dry food or kibble. You will undoubtedly notice your pet enjoying the meal a lot more. Its taste and flavors surely set it apart from its competitors.

Being able to rely on the brand of a product is essential, which is why this one has built an image over the years that can be trusted completely. The product is crafted in Stella & Chewy’s kitchen.

Processed food can be harmful to animals in general. Therefore, this food topper is all-natural, making it safe for your dog. Moreover, it does not include other substances such as hormones, antibiotics, etc. Hence, ensuring full authenticity.

What makes it even better is that you don’t have to rehydrate the topper or prepare it before serving as you can simply scoop and mix, following no hassle whatsoever.

You would surely want your pet’s meals to provide maximum nutrition for growth and development. That is precisely what you will be getting with this product, along with the enhancement of the coat and skin of your dog.

Key Features :

  • Flavorful and tasty
  • All natural and safe
  • Does not require preparation or rehydration
  • Maximum nutrition


2. Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural

If your dog’s favorite food is beef, then you should serve that now and then. For that purpose, this product is ideal and will become your pet’s favorite in no time! And, if you haven’t already heard of the brand, then you should know that it is one of a kind.

Every product of this brand is unique, as well as praiseworthy. Hence, this is one dependable brand that can always stand up to your expectations. 16.5 pounds of food can last for quite a long time for a medium-sized dog. So, once you purchase it, you will not have to worry about getting another pack anytime soon.

Moreover, the kibble food comes with real beef as a significant ingredient. So, if that’s the favorite dish of your dog, then this is the product you should get.

The vitamins and minerals that come with a meal primarily take care of a dog’s health. Therefore, when it comes to food, you should choose wisely.

For instance, this dry food includes the perfect antioxidant blend for a stronger immune system. Therefore, your dog will remain healthy and happy with this unique dry food.

Furthermore, the product includes natural sources of glucosamine. Now, this element helps promote joint health and hence, is quite crucial for your dog. Therefore, you should choose this dry food if you want your pet to run and jump around without any trouble at all times.

It is universally known that omega-6 fatty acids are good for one’s health. But how does it help dogs in particular? Well, the chemical helps the pet have healthier skin and a shinier coat over time.

Key Features :

  • 16.5 pounds of food
  • Real beef is the major ingredient
  • Perfect antioxidant blend
  • Natural sources of glucosamine
  • Omega-6 fatty acids


3. Real Meat Recipe Premium kibble dog food

The best kind of food for your dog is one that is fresh yet tasty. Both of these aspects will make sure that your pet will enjoy its food as well as maintain good health. That is why this product doesn’t fall short on any of those factors.

When looking for food, the top-most priority should be the ingredients used to make it. And that is the sector this product excels in. This not only includes elements with amino acids but also includes protein-rich roasted bison.

What makes it even better is that the food includes fruits and vegetables for added antioxidants and a blend of fatty acids. All of its high protein sources ensure your pet is getting all the beneficial elements into its system, for a better immune system and coat.

You don’t have to be hesitant or doubtful when it comes to this brand. All of the ingredients are extracted from trusted and sustainable sources. Moreover, artificial flavors or harmful elements are added into the dry food itself.

If your pet is unable to digest food minerals and elements properly, then it might face a lot of health-related issues. Therefore, this product makes sure your dog gets a sufficient amount of probiotics, which are not only nutrient-rich but are also highly digestible.

Despite being so healthy, the food itself is not boring or tasteless. It provides a mix of flavors, which will only make your pet want to have it again and again. This is what makes this product distinct from its counterparts.

Key Features :

  • Includes amino acids and protein-rich roasted bison
  • Added antioxidants
  • Sufficient amount of probiotics
  • Tasteful


4. Taste of the Wild High Protein Recipe

Does your pet seem to prefer salmon over any other food? In that case, you should pick this dry dog food right away! Not only does it include smoked salmon, but it also comes with a lot more nutritious elements.

While this dry food is packed with tons of nourishing ingredients, the major element happens to be smoked salmon. Hence, if that is what your pets prefer above beef or chicken, then don’t miss out on this rare, yet mouth-watering dry food flavor, since it is quite rare.

Some of the components of the meal are fruits, vegetables, and omega fatty acids. While some of these excel in providing antioxidants, others improve skin health and coat. Therefore, you will notice your pet having a shinier coat and better skin.

If you haven’t already heard of the brand, then you should know that this is a dependable one. It has produced a lot of similar products, and they are all healthy and flavorful. You don’t have to worry about your dog’s meals anymore when you have this.

Probiotics are one of the most important elements in dry foods for dogs. Hence, this product includes nutrient-rich and highly digestible constituents, which promote the health of a dog in many different ways.

No color, preservatives, or artificial flavors have been added in the food to make it more attractive. Hence, your pet will have no side effects after having it. Dogs generally enjoy this kibble food a lot more than its competitors.

Key Features :

  • Smoked salmon as a major ingredient
  • Fruits, vegetable, and omega fatty acids
  • Nutrient-rich and highly digestible constituents
  • No added preservatives, color or artificial flavors


5. Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food

If you want to feed your dog only the right meals that will enhance its health with proper nutrition, then do check out this product. You are about to know as to why it is known as the best kibble dog food.

A lot of dry dog foods include harmful ingredients to improve their flavors or presentation. However, no unnecessary or unhealthy element has been added to this meal. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your dog’s health when feeding them this. This is what makes this brand so reliable.

To make sure the kibble food remains as natural and fresh as possible, it is made using beef that has been raised in US farms. This ensures the authenticity of the product as well as of the ingredients used to make it, which sets it apart from its competitors.

On the other hand, it also includes natural prebiotics. Now, the purpose of this element is to improve digestion. A better digestion system indicates that your pet will have better health in general; hence, requiring less visit to the vet.

Moreover, this does not come with wheat, fillers, or poultry. You will only find superfoods in the ingredient list of the product. The purpose of all of these components is to provide better health as well as mouth-watering taste.

Furthermore, the amount of food provided can last for quite a while. Therefore, you won’t need to purchase another pack anytime soon. However, it is mostly ideal for small or medium-sized dogs.

Key Features :

  • No harmful ingredients added
  • Natural and fresh
  • Healthy prebiotics
  • No added wheat, fillers, or poultry


6. Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dog Food

As a dog owner, you have surely heard the name of this brand. After all, this provides facilities that will never disappoint you and will rather make you glad that you invested in it.

Whatever meal you provide to your dog should be completely balanced. It should contain all the elements that would help improve certain features of your pet. And that is what this product does. With the perfect blend of omega fatty acids, your dog will have a shinier and healthier coat in no time.

If your pet is a fan of chicken, then you should get this dry food. Along with the delicious chicken flavor, it includes a mix of other nutritious elements that are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

But that’s not all. For better digestion, this includes whole grains and a special mix of fibers. Therefore, not only will your pet have improved digestion, but it will also have a healthier lifestyle in general.

This brand is often the number 1 choice of consumers when it comes to dry food for pets. That is just how reliable the brand is. It contains no added artificial flavors or harmful elements. Therefore, it maintains both your pet’s nourishment and your trust.

The bonus size pack can last for a very long time (as long as six months, depending on the dog size). You can preserve it in any dry place, and you will be good to go. Your dog’s favorite meal will not finish anytime soon!

Key Features :

  • Complete and balanced diet
  • Delicious chicken flavor
  • Whole grains and a special blend of fibers
  • Bonus size pack for large dogs


7. Pedigree Adult Food – Roasted Chicken

Although there are a lot of options out there, you will surely want something that provides good value for money. After all, your purchased dry food for your puppy should be worth the investment, and that’s exactly what it is.

Usually, puppies have a different diet than their adult counterparts. What they need are elements that will help them grow, and that is exactly what this product offers. This dry food is packed with high-quality protein in the form of chicken, so, your puppies will never miss out on any nutrition.

Puppies often have a hard time chewing. Therefore, this food is sized in a way that makes the process easier for them. For instance, these are bite-sized kibble that can be easily chewed and swallowed by your small dog. That is what sets this food apart from its counterparts.

The nourishment of the brain and the development of the vision are two important aspects when it comes to the growth of a dog. Therefore, this product includes DHA from omega-rich fish oil, which helps the process of both. The brand makes sure all of its products are made of such beneficial elements.

Moreover, this dry food includes nutritious ingredients that offer a lot more than just protein. For instance, some of the components release antioxidants, which helps in the development of the immune system. After all, a young age is the optimum time for all of these.

Puppies don’t need a lot of food on the go. Therefore, this small-sized pack is perfect for a small dog. You can even carry this conveniently if you decide to take your puppy on a trip!

Key Features :

  • High-quality protein
  • Bite-sized kibble for easy chewing
  • DHA from omega-rich fish oil
  • Antioxidant releasing elements
  • Small-sized pack


8. Pedigree Food – Grilled Steak & Vegetable Flavor

Dogs are usually attracted to food that looks tasty and smells delicious as well. Otherwise, they may not have the appetite to indulge in the food that you have given to them. That is why this product includes both of these qualities and much more.

A shiny and nice coat indicates that the dog is healthy on the inside as well. That is why this dry food provides a balanced diet with all the necessary vitamins and minerals included. Hence, your dog will have a healthy and shiny coat in no time.

Is your dog a fan of grilled steak? In that case, you should not miss out on this dry food! Along with the delicious grilled steak flavor, it is packed with antioxidants and protein for a nourishing lifestyle.

With whole grains and a unique blend of fibers, this food not only enhances digestive health but also provides a lot more advantages. Your dog will never get sick because of improper nutrition, thanks to all the necessary ingredients added to this.

The brand is well known for a lot of reasons. And one of the major ones is that it is dependable and reliable. All of the components in the product have been extracted from a trusted and sustainable source, so there’s nothing for you to worry about.

This average amount of food lasts for a sufficient amount of time. But you can also opt for larger or smaller bags if you deem it necessary. You should buy the ideal size needed for your pet.

Key Features :

  • A balanced diet with all the necessary vitamins and
  • Grilled steak is the major ingredient
  • Whole grains and unique blend of fibers
  • Sufficient amount of food


9. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free

The top-most priority when purchasing any dry food for your dog should be ensuring ingredient quality. If maximum nutrition isn’t ensured, then you really shouldn’t purchase the food. That is why you can blindly trust this product, which is alternatively known as the best kibble dog food.

Chicken is one protein-rich ingredient. And for dogs that love chicken unconditionally, no dry food can be a better option than this one. Your pet will get the taste of fresh chicken as well as the benefits of it, all while improving its health.

But chicken is not the only good ingredient in this kibble food. It includes sweet potatoes and peas, as well as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. All of these elements ensure better health for your dog, along with better skin and a shinier coat. Therefore, you can easily trust this one of a kind dry food.

For an improved immune and digestive system, this dry food comes with a precise mix of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This mix will surely provide a lot of other benefits to your pet’s health, which means your pet will get sick less often.

All the ingredients added are completely fresh and natural. You don’t have to worry about artificial flavors or added colors at all. No preservatives have been included either, all for the better nourishment of your dog.

The reason why this product is filled with all these good features is that its brand is quite praiseworthy. It makes sure all the elements added are authentic and fresh, just to provide optimal health benefits dogs.

Key Features :

  • Chicken is the major ingredient
  • Sweet potatoes, peas, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • A mix of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • Fresh and natural ingredients


10. Cesar Small Breed Kibble Dog Food

If you are looking for freshness along with an attractive presentation in your dog food, then this is the perfect product for you! You can rest assured that your pet is going to love it!

First of all, the brand of this product ensures authentic ingredients. For instance, the major element added to this food is beef, and it is 100% real. With this, your dog will not only get the taste of beef but will also get the benefits of it.

The dry food includes 26 ingredients that are necessary for small dog breeds. With careful research and thoughtfulness, this brand has added everything a small dog would need.

With proper nutrition, this dry food also comes with a delicious taste. As a result, your pet will always love it and never avoid its meals. Hence, the dog will remain healthy and nourished at all times.

The problem with most dry foods for dogs is that they are hard to store. However, that is not an issue you will be facing with this one. The bag includes a zipper, which will help you preserve the freshness of the meals.

Moreover, the amount of food provided can last for a sufficient amount of time. However, it can be carried as well quite conveniently. But, you should consider whether or not your pet will be able to finish it within 6-8 weeks.

Key Features :

  • Authentic ingredients
  • 26 ingredients necessary for small dog breeds
  • Delicious taste
  • Bag includes a zipper
  • 12 pounds of dry food


Things to Consider before Buying Kibble Dog Food

When it comes to feeding your dog, you should look out for a lot of factors. Starting from the ingredients to the taste of the food, everything plays an important role in enhancing your dog’s health and providing proper nutrition.

This is one sector you should not be careless in. Hence, to purchase the best kibble dog food, these are the features that you must keep in mind.

The Age of Your Pet

At different stages of a dog’s life, they tend to have different metabolism, caloric intake, nutritional needs, etc. Hence, you need to choose a product according to the needs of your pet.

For instance, a puppy will generally need more nutrition for growth and development than senior dogs. You will need to be even more careful in that case, since at this age, the dog will need to develop a healthy immune system.

Adult dogs need lesser protein in general. However, their diet should be filled with vitamins, calcium, fatty acids, etc.

Senior dogs usually face a lot of health-related issues that you must keep in mind before purchasing dry food for them. Starting from what they will need to what they might have reactions with, everything should be considered.

The Breed Size of Your Pet

Breeds differentiate dogs to a greater extent than you would realize. Most foods for dogs is quite breed-specific to give you an idea of what would be suitable for your dog.

Small breed dogs usually have a very high metabolic rate. As a result, they generally have a healthy immune system. So, their diet should be focused on vitamins, minerals, etc.

Medium breed dogs have a simple diet. They need vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc. Besides, they have a fast metabolic rate that keeps them healthy.

Large breed dogs need a lot of nutrition. They need protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc. But they are more prone to diseases, as well.

Check for Food Allergies

Dogs can generally be allergic to some items or intolerant to others. You must keep those in mind before purchasing dry food for your dog. For instance, some pets have very sensitive skin, which might become red after they eat something they are allergic to.

Therefore, you should be very cautious in this sector. For, such allergies can lead to dire consequences, and you would surely want to avoid that.

Added Nutrition

After you have determined the suitable ingredients and nutrition for your dog, you should carefully study the ingredient list of your chosen dry food. Most dry foods include the necessary nutrients.

Antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are must-haves for all types of dogs. Whether your dog needs proteins or fats is something you should know, and then choose accordingly.

Some nutrition help improves the digestive system; some enhance the quality of the dog’s skin and coat. These are just some of the good features that you should not overlook.


Is your dog very fond of beef? Or is it fond of chicken? Nonetheless, you should choose the major ingredient accordingly. However, it is best to go for the ones that have real chicken, beef, or salmon as the major ingredient.

Other than that, you can go for dry foods that come with fruits, vegetables, peas, and whole grains as ingredients. All of these help the dog maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, you must make sure that all the ingredients are, in fact, authentic.

Expiry Date

If you are going to purchase dry food, make sure its expiry date is at least six months away. On average, such products last for quite a long time, depending on the amount of food needed regularly.

So, if the expiry date is nearby, then you will have to waste some of the food. You surely wouldn’t want to waste your money like that.

What to Avoid

Added preservatives, colors, or artificial flavors can be very bad for your dog’s health. So, when you choose a product, make sure these aspects have been avoided at all costs. Otherwise, your pet might end up having some serious health issues.

Dog Feeding Guide

If you just recently got yourself a pet dog and are quite clueless about how to feed it and whatnot, then there’s nothing to fret about anymore. We will be providing you with all the information necessary on how to feed your pet. With all the instructions, the task will not seem hassle-some at all.

First of all, you need to know about how much you should be feeding your dog. Excessive nutrition can cause them to gain weight, and inadequate nutrition can cause them to lose weight and become sick. Either way, it’s unhealthy. Therefore, we will be discussing the right amount of food for different sizes of dogs.

Toy Sized Dogs

If your dog weighs 3 pounds approximately, then you should be feeding it about 1/3 cups of food per day. The caloric range will vary between 130-150 calories. With a weight of 6 pounds, you should feed your dog about ½ cups of food per day. The number of calories should be around 230-250.

These dogs are extremely small, and hence they have a very fast metabolism. Too much nutrition can cause them to gain weight and become obese. Their high metabolic rates keep their immune system healthy. Hence, too much nutrition isn’t required anyway.

Small Dogs

A dog that weighs about 10 pounds should be fed around ¾ cups per day. The caloric intake should not be more than 360 calories and should not be less than 340 calories. One cup per day would be ideal for a pet that weighs about 15 pounds. You should count the calories and keep them between 430-470 pounds.

Small dogs can weigh up to 20 pounds. That is, this weight is the highest a small dog can get. 1 ½ cups and 560-580 calories would be suitable for them.

Besides, these dogs have a high metabolism rate as well. This aspect makes sure they have a strong immune system as soon as they enter adulthood. Therefore, they don’t need too much nutrition.

Medium Dogs

Among medium dogs, the weight can be from 30-50 pounds. For 30 pounds, approximately 2 cups per day would be ideal. Caloric intake should be around 770-800 calories.

40 lbs dogs should have two ¼ cups of dry food per day, along with 950-1000 calories. Dogs that weigh 50 pounds surely need a lot of food. They should be fed 2 2/3 cups per day, with 1150 calories on average.

Medium-sized dogs have a slightly slower metabolism. However, their immune system remains strong, which is why they don’t need nutrients as much as large dogs do.

Large Dogs

Such dogs weigh from about 60 pounds to 100 pounds. With a weight of 60-70 pounds, your dog should be fed 3-3 ½ cups per day, along with 1310-1480 calories.

Dogs that weigh about 80-90 pounds should be fed about 3 3/4 – 4 ¼ cups of dry food per day. Their caloric intake should be from 1630 calories to 1780 calories.

Finally, dogs that weigh 100 pounds or above need about 4 1/2- 5 cups per day. Their caloric intake should be around 2000 calories. These dogs are very much prone to diseases due to their slow metabolic rate. Therefore, they need a lot more nutrition and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can raw food be mixed with kibble food?

They can be mixed. However, it is not a good idea. That is because kibble food takes longer to digest than raw food. Therefore, your dog might face some digestive issues.

2. Does kibble food help with joint problems?

Some kibble food includes elements that help diminish joint problems. For instance, some brands make kibble foods with added glucosamine for this purpose.

3. How long can dry food be stored?

Even though it is said that they have a long shelf life, the ideal time would be approximately six weeks. So, keep that in mind when choosing the bag size.

4. Does kibble food go bad?

Like every other food, yes. Their packages usually include their expiry dates, and you should focus on that too before purchasing the product.

5. Can I feed raw food to my dog alongside kibble food?

If you feel the need to do so, then you can just feed them raw food in the morning and kibble food at night. Or whatever option seems healthier for your dog. But these two should not be fed at the same time.

Final Words

Now that you are aware of all the aspects of getting the best kibble dog food, we hope that you will not be confused anymore regarding your purchase.

After all, with nutritious food, your dog will get to live a long and healthy life!

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