Top 10 Best Grass Seed For Clay Soil in 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you someone who’ve always wanted a beautiful lawn, but is too lazy to do something? Or maybe you want to do something but have no idea where to start from. In both cases, this article is perfect for you.

The key to a beautiful lawn is definitely the green grass covering, which you can achieve easily through the help of grass seeds. There are a lot of varieties in the market for you to choose from.

But if you’re not sure which grass seeds are the best, or how to plant them in the soil, read on! Because here, we’ve reviewed the top products out there to help you find the best grass seed for clay soil. In addition, there will also be some tips and tricks for you.

Our 10 Best Grass Seed For Clay Soil Reviews

Here are the reviews of the top 10 grass seeds for you to get an idea about what kind of features they have.

1. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Sun and Shade Mix

The Scotts Turf Builder seed is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the very best, grass seed for clay soil for all the right reasons. Coated with Scott’s very own patented WaterSmart PLUS coating, this product is amazing at absorbing water and keeping all the diseases away.

Often lawn owners fret about not being able to grow grass because the weather is too sunny or the lawn is too shady. Well, this seed is the best solution for all of them since it can grow at an amazing speed irrespective of the sun or shade. This definitely gives it a huge plus point.

The packaging comes with clear, to the point instructions, that make it very easy for even first-timers to use. The bag can also be sealed after opening, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess with an open bag falling down or about the seeds getting damaged.

This seed provides for the richest shade of green and gives a very lush feeling to your lawn. Its high spreading ability makes sure that there are no bare spots or patches left, and the end result is a beautiful, even coating of rich green that everyone wants.

Key Features :

  • Works wonderfully under all weather conditions
  • High spreading ability
  • High protecting power against diseases
  • Coated in special WaterSmart PLUS coating
  • Can absorb high amounts of water
  • The resealable bag helps in using only as much as needed
  • Grows sprouts very quickly
  • Easy instructions provided
  • Creates a rich, beautiful shade of green


2. Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed

Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed (2 Lb.) 100% Pure Seed Grown by Patten Seed Company
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The zenith zoysia seeds are an excellent pick. These seeds are good to use in both the full sun and partial shade.

These seeds grow well in the hot climate; the warmth of the soil is proved to speed up its germination rate. Therefore, planting this at the end of Spring will get you results in 10-14 days of time.

The seeds can tolerate traffic after they have been planted, so you do not have to worry about your kids or pets stepping over those freshly planted ones. They require a little to no maintenance till they have fully grown up – just things like adding some fertilizer before planting and some water after should suffice.

Each bag can cover up to 2000 square feet, which is quite an impressive range compared to others and weighs about two pounds. All in all, this product definitely is worth the price and gives quite amazing results to those who use it.

Key Features :

  • Can tolerate extreme weather conditions
  • Best for spring season
  • Fresh seeds have the highest germination rate
  • Grows in around 14-21 days
  • Grows well in both full sun and partial shade
  • Can tolerate drought
  • Requires minimum care
  • Does not falter under traffic
  • Can cover up to 2000 square feet


3. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Tall Fescue Mix

This grass seed is made with tall fescue grass seeds, which does not require much water and, therefore, can survive in full sun. Its coating helps it to absorb twice as much water as uncoated seeds, making this a better alternative over them.

The product can spread easily and fill in all spots, so there is no unevenness in the soil. It can seed up to areas with 1750 square feet at a time, so one bag goes a long way.

While some grass seeds only make the grass look good, this grass seed makes sure that it works well too. Therefore, the new grass that grows is resistant to drought, insects, and sun, making this an ideal choice for the toughest soil out there.

The packaging has clear instructions written on it, which makes it very easy for anyone to use. The bag can also be sealed if not used fully at once. The grass usually starts growing after 4-6 days of planting.

Key Features :

  • Absorbs twice as much water as uncoated seeds
  • Made with fescue grass seeds
  • Prevents diseases
  • Spreads quite easily
  • Packaging provides clear instructions
  • Resealable bag
  • Can seed up to 1750 square feet


4. Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Mixture

Jonathan Green 10323 Black Beauty Ultra Mixture, 25-Pound
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If you ask anyone to name the most popular grass seeds out there, you are sure to hear the Jonathan Green Black Beauty name a bit too many times. This seed has been used by a lot of generations in their times, and for all the right reasons.

Comprised of some of the most amazing seeds out there, this mixture is sure to obtain all their wonderful benefits. While the Fescue and the Bluegrass contribute to the lush green look it gives, the rye seeds contribute to faster germination.

This mixture makes sure to cover all the damaged spots across the lawns, and gives a healthy look to the lawn. It is designed to adapt quickly to clay or sandy soils and works under both full and partial shade.

A special wax-like coating makes this seed disease and drought resistant, adding further to its list of qualities. Since it is free of unnecessary fillers, a 25-pound bag cover up to 10000 square feet of area for you, but only if you are reseeding and not seeding for the first time.

Key Features :

  • Contains various species of grass seeds
  • The Fescue and Bluegrass seeds in the mix give a rich, lush green result
  • Rye seeds contribute to faster germination rate
  • Blue-Tastic Bluegrass helps to cover all damaged areas and spots
  • Specially formulated to grow in sandy or clay soils
  • Can grow in both full and partial shade
  • The special coating helps prevent diseases
  • Drought resistant
  • Free of unnecessary fillers
  • Can cover up to 10,000 square feet


5. Turf Builder Grass Seed Heat-Tolerant Blue Mix

This product is made with a blend of Fescue and tall Blue Grass, both of which are responsible for its high durability. The nutrients in this mix contribute to grass growing quicker over the same period.

The seeds are coated in the famous WaterSmart Plus coating patented by Scott and does a very well job in warding off unwanted diseases. It also helps in retaining twice as much moisture as other uncoated kinds, so that is another huge advantage you can get.

Being drought resistant, this seed can tolerate quite unexpected weather conditions. It also does a great job in both full sun and partial shade and grows quicker than a lot of other seeds too.

The packets of this product can be sealed again after using it once and has clear instructions written on them. So as you can understand, it is quite easy to use this. A 20 lb packet goes a long way – it can cover up to 5000 square feet while surely filling in all sparse areas.

Key Features :

  • Made with a blend of Fescue and tall Blue Grass
  • Resistant to drought and diseases
  • Covered with Scott’s special patented 4 in 1 WaterSmart Plus coating
  • Absorbs twice as much water as uncoated seeds
  • Full of nutrients
  • Grows quite quickly
  • Does well under full sun and partial shade
  • Can seed up to 5000 square feet of areas
  • Packet is sealable after use
  • Easy instructions provided


6. Jonathan Green Dense Shade Grass Seed Mix

Jonathan Green 10622 Dense Shade Grass Seed Mix, 1 Pounds
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For those who are looking for the best grass seed for clay soil to use in the shady area. Are you exasperated with your efforts to find the one grass seed that will work underneath a shade instead of the sun? In a market full of seeds claiming to work under full sun, it can be quite a tiring job to find something that works in the dense shade too.

Well, this product definitely will fix all your troubles. Formulated especially for medium to dense shady areas, the seed does its job in both sandy and clay soil. So this is a blessing to those lawn owners who were worried about finding the perfect product for their requirements.

The seeds have a wax-like coating around them that helps them in preserving moisture. This contributes to their low maintenance; not much water or soil is required once you have finished planting them.

The Fescue and Blue Grass contribute to the deep rootedness of this seed, so it is quite durable. It even competes with tree roots for water, which is something you do not hear from grassroots often surely!

Key Features :

  • Can grow in densely shaded areas
  • Suitable for both clay soil and sandy soil
  • Great for resistance against insects
  • Coated with a waxy substance that aids in retaining moisture
  • Quite low maintenance
  • Highly durable


7. Canada Green Grass Seed – 6 Pound Bag

Canada Green Grass Seed - 6 Pound Bag
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The Canadian Green Grass Seed is known as a product almost too good to be true because of its various wonderful characteristics. There is almost nothing wrong with this bag of seeds, as sworn by its users and the amazing features it has.

The seed is mainly a mix of various components as Blue Grass and Red Flowers, which help the growth of healthy grass. The end result is always a lush shade of green, even on lawns and fields where it seems impossible to achieve that kind of look.

One of the biggest advantages of this seed mix is that it is not only insect resistant, but also weed resistant. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any extra unwanted growth and cutting. It spreads evenly across all the areas it has been planted in and creates a beautiful coat that stays all year long.

Most grass seeds do not work well in extreme temperatures. But this mix scores high in that area too. And not only that, it can be used in any kind of soil, be it clay or sandy. A bag can last you up to 3000 square feet, and give you the most wonderful quality grass you can ever get.

Key Features :

  • Comprised of Kentucky Blue Grass, Rye Grass, and Red Flowers
  • Starts growing within 2 weeks
  • The end result is a beautiful lush green
  • Tolerant of even extreme weather conditions
  • Can grow in all soil types
  • Bugs and weed resistant
  • Stays all year long
  • Spread to all bare patches
  • Needs to be mown
  • Can be used for up to 3000 square feet


8. Fast Grow Grass Seed Mix, 3 Pounds

The Jonathan fast grow grass seed mix is comprised of various species such as the Blue Grass, Rye Grass, and Kentucky. Of them, Rye grass contributes for the most parts and is responsible for its famous growth rate.

If you have an area that you need to grow grass in as soon as possible, there is no better alternative to you than this product. This product goes deep into the soil quickly and starts growing within 6 days – which is faster than you will get with any such kind.

Another one of its advantages is that this seed is known to stabilize the soil and prevent it from being eroded. This makes sure that the grass is healthy and beautiful, as well as fast-growing.

The product is best planted in months March – June or August– October when the temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit. It works well under full sun and partial shade and can cover up to 1500 square feet of area.

Key Features :

  • Great for stabilizing the soil and preventing soil erosion
  • Designed with a blend of various species
  • Rye grass promotes fast growth
  • Starts germinating within 6 days
  • Works well under full sun and partial shade
  • The plantation is done ideally when the temperature reaches 55°F
  • Can cover up to 1500 square feet of area


9. Natures Own Sun & Shade Mix Grass Seed

Made with a blend of various species such as Fescue, Perennial Rye Grass, and Blue Grass, this seed mix offers a huge load of benefits. It is completely resistant to insects and droughts, and you do not have to worry about your beautiful lawn anymore once the grass has grown.

The Mountain View seed features a special kind of coating known as the WaterSmart QS. This coating captures and releases water into the seeds so that it stays in an environment full of moisture. This, in turn, helps the grass need less and less water once it is planted.

While most grass seeds do not grow well in extreme climates, this one is suitable to use in any climate. Therefore, it does not matter whether your lawn is going through a fierce winter or a scorching summer; your grass will be beautiful anyway.

One thing that separates this grass seed from others is that it contains no fillers or additives. As a result, you only get a pure blend of various species of seeds. Usually, the seeds will start to germinate in 6 to 14 days of time.

Key Features :

  • Made with a blend of various species
  • Insect and disease resistant
  • Works well in both sun and shade
  • Covered in WaterGuard QS coating which facilitates needing less water
  • Starts germinating within a week
  • Has no fillers or unnecessary additives in it
  • Is suitable to use in all climates
  • Starts germinating in 6 to 14 days


10. Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Food

Enriched with all the proper nutrients to prepare a lawn for the Winter, the Scotts WinterGuard lawn food ensures that you do not have to face a withering lawn. This fertilizer should be used ideally in the fall season so that your lawn is prepared for the Winter.

The ingredients in the fertilizer work well to reverse all the damages done by months or even years of heat, drought, and insects to the lawns. The end result is healthy, lush green grass that is stronger than ever.

Another one area that this product will help you in is the roots of the grass. This fertilizer is comprised of various nutrients that contribute to deeper roots. It will also allow the roots to drink up more water than an unfertilized lawn will ever be able to.

The best news about this product is, you do not have to use it with one particular grass type. Instead, it can be used on any grass you want! It can also cover up to 5000 square feet of area, so it is indeed quite a deal.

Key Features :

  • Helps repair all damages done from heat and drought
  • Contributes to deeper roots
  • Prepares the lawn with all needs for the Winter
  • Ideal to use in the Fall season
  • Works well with any grass type
  • Covers up to 5000 square feet
  • Increases the grass’ water retaining ability


How To Choose the Grass Seed For Clay Soil

Here is a list of the things you should consider in order to buy the finest grass seed for clay soil –


One of the most important things you should keep in mind while purchasing grass seeds is what season you are choosing them for. There are cool-season grasses as well as warm-season ones, and you should go for a type depending on the climate of your area.

Cool-season grasses are tolerant of extremely cool temperatures and often grow in even snow. The most popular grasses of this kind are the Kentucky Blue Grass, the Perennial Rye Grass, and the Tall Fescue Grass. These types of grasses grow best if they are planted during Fall.

Warm-season grasses tend to be able to tolerate high heat and are usually drought resistant. They are best suited for areas where lawns lay brown and dry for months due to lack of proper care.

Some of the most popular grass seeds of this type are the Bermuda Grass, the Zoysia Grass, the Centipede, the St. Augustine, the Bahia Grass, the Buffalo Grass, etc. These types of grasses are best when planted in early Spring.

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Type of Seeds

Are you looking to plant only one kind of grass across the whole desired area, or a blend of different grasses? Depending on that, you should make your choice of whether you will purchase a straight seed or a mixture.

A straight seed has only one type of grass seed in it and is usually used for a uniform, even look – E.g., golf fields. A mixture is a blend of different grass seeds and is used when you need to combat several problem areas at once, or need the benefits of all of them.

Most people usually go with mixed seeds, as it has a lot of variety in a single blend and offers a lot of features like drought resistance, insect protection, durability all in one. This is something you do not easily get with a straight seed.

Traffic Resistance

If you are looking for the best grass seed for clay soil, then you got to take this feature into account.

One of the things lawn owners worry most about is how much traffic their grass can withstand. This is a special area of concern for those who own pets and kids because it seems like there is no amount of restrictions that can stop them from playing around on the lawn.

Therefore, look for grass seeds that are highly traffic resistant, so you can get the joy of both a beautiful lawn and the scenery of watching your children and pets play.

Sun VS Shade

While some grass seeds are specially formulated to work under full sun, others are better suited for medium to dense shades. Take a good look at the place you want to get some grass on, whether it is sunny or shady, or maybe even a bit of both, and then make your choice.


Some people prefer the feeling of soft, thin grass under their bare feet, while others are just looking for something coarse in texture to withstand traffic. Whichever type you prefer, buy that kind of seed.


A lot of grass seeds packets have other fillers mixed in them, and also weed. While it is okay to have about 0.5% weed mixed into the grass seeds, it is best to choose grass seeds with no additives mixed in them. These kinds of seeds result in better-growing grass.


Some seeds will require constant care and attention in order to grow properly. You will have to use fertilizer, water the seeds every day when they are germinating, and so on. And let’s not even go into the details of the care they need once they have grown properly.

Other seeds, however, may not need as much maintenance as those. So choose only the kind you are comfortable with, and you will be doing yourself a favor.

How to Grow Grass Seed in Clay Soil

The following steps will help you grow the grass seed in clay soil.

Step 1: Check the Soil Density

You should be able to determine how dense the soil is to prepare it for the next steps. While standard tests are available, it can be done by you just as easily. Simply take around a fistful of soil in your hand, and add 2 to 3 drops of water.

Create a small ball with that soil, and try to press it into a long stretched ribbon. If it breaks before reaching 2 inches, it is one of the less dense types of clay. If it reaches 2 inches, it is heavier clay.

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Step 2: Amend the Soil

Now that you have tested the density of your lawn, you should try to prepare it for the plantation process. For this step, follow the processes mentioned below-

Step 3: Keep the Grass Clippings

Keeping the grass clippings on the freshly mown grass instead of throwing them out, provides them with the nutrients they need.

Step 4: Mulch Leaves

Mulching the leaves and spreading it on your lawn also works as a great source of some organic compounds. However, make sure that you are not using too much mulched leaves, as that can suffocate your soil and do the opposite of what you are hoping for.

Step 5: Add Organic Fertilizer

An organic fertilizer will release the necessary nutrients into your soil, and get it all prepped and ready for your freshly bought grass seeds.

Step 6: Aerate

Aerating the lawn will help to make sure that all the organic compounds you have been tossing in, really gets to make their way through to the soil. The benefits are quite amazing, so definitely do this.

Step 7: Retest

Do a density test on the soil again after 2 months. The goal is to make sure that the soil is not too dense, and if it is, go through another stage of layering it with organic compounds.

Step 8: Take Measurements

Measure the area that you want to plant your grass on, and determine how many packets or how much seed you will need. Most packets of grass seeds come with specifications as to how much area they can cover, and some are resealable so you can use the rest later after one use.

Step 9: Provide Moisture

Once you have finished planting the grass seeds, water the area using a sprinkler at least once a day, watering it twice is best for normal climates. Just make sure it is not oversaturated.

Take Care of When You Grow Grass in Clay Soil

If you want to grow the best kind of grass, here are a few tips you need to follow –

  • Mow the lawn, but keep your grass a bit tall. Tall grass will provide adequate shade.
  • Do not add any sand to your clay soil, as that will just ruin the whole texture.
  • Do not use wood chips on clay since they can pull out some of the necessary nutrients for the soil.
  • Test the pH of the soil. It should be somewhere between 6 and 7.
  • Always avoid overwatering.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is over seeding?

Over seeding means planting a cool or warm season grass seed on an area where the opposite has been planted. It is usually done when the latter begins to brown.

2. How should I protect the seed I have just planted?

Some people put straw over the freshly planted seeds, but that is not a viable solution in windy areas. The best choice would be to put a very light layer of soil over the area or put some sort of sign to warn people not to tread on it.

3. When will my grass start growing?

It depends on the type of grass seed you have used. Mostly it is specified on the package.

4. How often should I water my lawn?

You should water your lawn once or twice every day after you have planted your seeds, but do not over saturate them.

5. How is mowing done?

Mow only the amount necessary from the grass, and leave the blades long enough so they can provide protection to the soil.

6. What are some of the tools’ names to spread grass seed?

The tools usually used are – broadcast spreaders, handheld spreaders, drop spreaders and pull behind spreaders.

Final Words

Now that you have gone through our best grass seed for clay soil reviews, you must have a clear idea about which one to buy. So, go to the nearest store, get some grass seeds, and get that beautiful lawn experience you have always wanted right now!

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