Top 10 Best Dremel for Wood Carving in 2020

Time has changed, and modern developments have made day to day life easier. For instance, wood carving knives have been replaced by rotary tools, and this has made the entire process of carving much quicker and easier.

That said, you must also be sure to purchase a trusted brand that serves good quality products to its customers. One such brand is Dremel, the products they launch are of unmatched quality and functionality wise

We are here to help you pick the best Dremel for wood carving for you to use in your DIY projects.

Let’s get started.

Best Dremel for Wood Carving – Reviews

Dremel is a trusted brand and is a favorite to many. A lot of people turn to this company when it comes to getting rotary tools. Among all of their products, we have chosen 10 in which our opinion is the best. Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

1. 1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool Kit

Wires can be problematic and can get messy when working in a station. If you find this to be a reason to give you a headache, take a look at this device. Go wire-free and get this cordless rotary tool kit for maximum portability.

Now you might get worried thinking about the hassle of charging this device constantly. The battery life here is quite impressive and will last almost 33% percent longer than any models that have been released previously.

Another great thing about this is that it not only has a good battery life but also has a short battery charging time. You would be able to complete more tasks than you did with the other rotary tools.

The power of this machine is not compromised and runs smoothly at any given set of speeds. The multiple attachments and accessories that come with the purchase are just a bonus. This allows you to do a variety of tasks with just one product.

Considering its features, this is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the very best, Dremel for wood carving.

Key Features :

  • It iss cordless thereby portable
  • Powerful motor that works well with any speed setting
  • Short time charging
  • Very long battery life

2. Dremel Flex Shaft Rotary Tool Attachment

Looking for something that is easy to maneuver but is also powerful? Look no more as this Dremel Flex’s compact and flexible design, along with a powerful motor, will do the trick for you.

It has a 36-inch-long flexible shaft that allows more sophisticated and accurate cuts and carvings. This shaft was made in such a way that it can twist five times, which allows almost any type of work that is needed to be done on your project.

In addition to that, the lock mechanism of the flexible shaft allows it to be easily attached to your rotary tool. So no matter how complicated the job at hand is, the product will always have you covered.

Along with its efficient performance and adaptability, the manufacturers have also given a good emphasis on comfort. It has silicon on both sides, filled with tiny gaps. These increase the friction for a firmer hold, and the grip which takes the shape of your palm when held will let you have a more comfortable grip.

The company also has introduced powerful motors that can rotate at high speeds. These powerful motors provide the power required for the tool to enable you to work on any surface, including wood, and with very high precision.

Moreover, the long cord of the product makes it portable. Plug the cord to any power outlet and continue with your work without any other worry.

All this at an average price makes it an even better deal. So it would be a significant loss for you not to have this masterpiece.

Key Features :

  • Flexible and long shaft capable of going anywhere
  • Grips designed with material for a comfortable hold
  • The long cord allows the device to be carried around easily
  • Robust motors provide power and allow the project to be done faster

3. Dremel 4 Attachments & 34 Accessories

To those who are seeking for an all in one rotary tool kit, congratulations you have met your match. Whether you want to use this tool for carving, sanding, or cutting, this will do it all, and the result would be satisfactory.

All in one feature is possible because of the four attachments and the 34 accessories that come along with the purchase. A sanding guide, detailer’s grip, circle cutter guide, and cutting for multipurpose guide is available to help you carve, polish, sharpen, and clean your projects quite easily.

This is made possible by the powerful motor and the changeable speed settings. The machine power remains consistent with the changing speed. There is a massive speed range available for this tool, 5,000 to 35,000 RPM, so it can be used to carve out both big and small projects easily.

The high-powered motor remains cool while working due to the airflow system instilled in it. There is almost no build-up of hot air because it escapes through this system. Your machine, this way, would have a greater lifespan.

Typically, tools with high-powered motors are bulky, but it is the polar opposite of that when it comes to this model. The design is very sleek, lightweight, and the grip is a soft-handled one. So you should face no handling the product and can maneuver it.

The cord of 6 feet length is just a cherry on the top for those who want flexibility while working. You would be able to move around the workstation and wouldn’t have to worry about the tool running out of charge.

Key Features :

  • Slim design allows maximum comfort
  • Powerful motor with changeable speed settings can be used in various tasks
  • 6ft long cord allows mobility
  • Can be used for multipurpose tasks
  • Airflow system prevents a build-up of hot air inside the machine

4. Dremel 8050-N/18 Cordless Rotary Tool Kit

Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro Cordless Rotary Tool Kit with Docking Station- Engraver, Polisher, and Detail Sander- Ideal for Glass Engraving, Wood Carving, Sanding, Polishing, and Cutting- 18 Accessories

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Carving wood is a form of art, and a proper tool is essential to nurture this art into a masterpiece. We have complete faith over the 8050-N/18 to help you reach this height. It is just not limited to wood, but can also be used in hard and soft materials.

With the 18 accessory pieces that are available with the purchase, you would be able to sculpt, shape, clean, and smoothen out wood and even metals with ease. This is popularly known for carving out shapes on pumpkins during Halloween. It also comes with a few stencils for pumpkins.

Since this is a cordless tool, you’d be able to move around with it in your workplace. A docking station is present to remove all your worries about charging the batteries.

This particular station is responsible for charging the batteries continually, so they remain recharged for use. An LED indicator for battery life will let you know when your tool needs the charge.

Another useful feature of this model is that this has an LED project light present at the front of the product. This is useful because it can be utilized while doing hard to reach and see projects as this can be lighted up.

The small and slim design of this item lets it be comfortable and perfect when one wants to work on assignments that can take hours to complete.

Key Features :

  • The lithium-ion batteries of 8V provide a long battery life
  • Compact and slim so can be used for a long time without tiring
  • LED projection light to help the user to see things clearly
  • It is cordless thereby portable

5. LED Light with 5 Attachments & 40 Accessories

Dremel 4300-5/40 High Performance Rotary Tool Kit with LED Light- 5 Attachments & 40 Accessories- Engraver, Sander, and Polisher- Perfect for Grinding, Cutting, Wood Carving, Sanding, and Engraving

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Our pick for a durable tool kit that provides minimum fragility when carrying out a task is the 4300-5/40 model. Since it is made up of solid material aluminum, it can withstand a heavy workload. When once bought, it’ll probably stick with you for the rest of your life.

Apart from its durability, one other thing that increases the lifespan of this product is the replaceable brushes. If the brushes go bad, you wouldn’t have to go and purchase a whole new rotary tool kit but you can change them up for fresh ones.

The versatility of this item is notable as it has a universal chuck with three jaws. This enables the tool to use all the premium quality accessories manufactured by Dremel because it can fit any size of the shank.

You’d also be happy to know that you would get 40 of their top-notch accessories and five attachments with the purchase.

Most of your demanding projects would be complete without a hiccup due to the high-powered motor and the variable speed settings. You will have better control over the device and would be able to change the rate of the work being done according to your needs.

Even with hard to reach and see spots, this product has got your back with the innovative pivot light installed in it. This throws light in whichever direction it is being rotated and helps you see things better while working. Carving wood has never been this easy!

Key Features :

  • Unique pivot light rotates to provide light while working
  • The powerful motor can carry out projects quickly
  • Can do multiple tasks such as polishing and sharpening
  • 3 Jaw chucks lets different sized shank to fit

6. Variable Speed – 2 Attachments & 28 Accessories

High functionality and power are the 3000-2/28s’ nicknames. This bad boy is easy to maneuver due to its new compact design. And, its motors provide enough power that it can efficiently work through the hardest materials with ease.

For starters, the newly installed EZ nose cap allows quicker adjustments of accessories. This allows less time to be wasted while changing accessories and, hence, makes your work more efficient.

Its speed is what makes it stand out from most other products. It has a 1.2-amp motor inside, which is capable of spinning at 5000-35,000 RPM. This high speed will ensure more accurate cuts on your project

Also, a new mechanism has been added to adjust the speed. The latest change allows you to increase and decrease the pace for more precious cuts easily.

The price might seem like an issue as it is a little high. But we say that the number of strong points is too high for you not to try it.

Key Features :

  • A powerful motor which is capable of spinning at 35,000 RPM gives higher accuracy
  • The dent-proof and scratch-resistant casing protects the device from any damage
  • Easy to make any adjustments due to the EZ nose cap
  • The long cord allows it to be plugged to a power outlet from a distance
  • A motor doesn’t make any noise
  • User-Friendly as it is easy to hold design

7. 120-Volt Rotary Tool with 50 Accessories

Dremel 4000-6/50-FF High Performance Rotary Tool Kit with Flex Shaft- 6 Attachments & 50 Accessories- Grinder, Sander, Polisher, Engraver- Perfect For Routing, Cutting, Wood Carving, Polishing

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Dremel is a well-reputed company that is known to make a fantastic quality rotary tool. Though its recent masterpiece, the 4000-6/50-FF model, trumps over all their creations and probably claims the title of the best rotary tool for wood carving for its unmatched quality.

Built for high performance, the product is one of a kind. Its newly installed powerful motor gives a speed of 5000-35,000 RPM, giving it an edge in carving, grinding, polishing, etc., any material including any wood.

Manufacturers have also installed the latest revolutionary technology, which allows your rotary tool to determine the adequate speed required for the work automatically. This makes sure that you don’t use a speed that is too much for your work material and doesn’t ruin your hard work in the process.

Another innovative adjustment has been made to this item to it cool down. A ventilation system has been added to the product, which prevents any heat from building up and enables a quieter and efficient result.

As you can see that the manufacturers have put in utmost care for you to have a good carving experience. They have provided a smooth unboxing experience, efficient operations, and state-of-the-art technology, so it’s quite expected that the price is going to be high.

So if you are looking for a pro-quality rotary tool, then we suggest you buy it and satisfy yourself with the professional-looking end pieces.

Key Features :

  • The robust motor provides higher speed and more accuracy to your work
  • New feedback technology help in regulating the speed to avoid harm to the work
  • Revolutionary ventilation which prevents heat build-up and ensures efficiency
  • Easy to grip design provides a comfortable hold
  • Grip made from soft material that enables firm hold

8. MultiPro 7.2-Volt Cordless Tool Kit

Dremel 7700-1/15 MultiPro 7.2-Volt Cordless Rotary Tool Kit

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One of the lies that we are quite fed with is that great things come at a great price. This statement is untrue, and this product has been made to prove it wrong. From cleaning accessories to shaping up wood, this can do it all with precision.

It was designed to be lightweight and compact so that the user can use it for a long time without feeling tired. Plus, this size allows the product to be stored quite easily. But don’t consider it to be a weak motored tool, though it can’t generate as much power as most of the items mentioned here, it is the most precise.

Two options are present for speed; one is 10,000 RPM, and the other is 20,000 RPM. So you can configure the settings according to the needs of the project. You will also have overall better control over the machine.

The battery of the tool is made up of 7.2V of Ni-Cad and can be removed from the product. It lasts up to 3-hours and can complete more or less all the day to day task with one charging.

Even though it’s cheap, this comes with 15 different accessories to help you do multiple tasks. The budget-friendly best Dremel for wood carving title goes to this product; we can all agree on that.

Key Features :

  • Has two speed setting for more control
  • It is very lightweight so ideal for long hour usage
  • 15 accessories come with it for multipurpose
  • Cordless so can be moved around easily
  • 2V battery of Ni-Cad lasts 3 hours

9. Dremel Tool Kit- 1 Attachment and 25 Accessories

The new 3000-1/25 model is the perfect sync of power and functionality. Anyone who opts for a professional quality tool that is capable of working with any material then this beauty is an ideal choice for you.

Manufacturers have made it more efficient in cutting, cleaning, and polishing by tweaking up the construction and operations than it was in the previous models.

An upgraded switch system allows you better control over the speed for more precise carvings or grindings on mostly any type of material. It also enhances your control over the device. Plus, the high power 1.2-amp motor with the combination of the variable speed makes the tool insanely fast and accurate.

Another recently added function is the EZ nose cap. This will let you make faster adjustment and changes to the rotary tool and, therefore, promises a more efficient experience.

Now, the most exciting shocker is its price. It has a relatively low cost compared to all the benefits and functionalities that it provides. So you might want to click on the purchase option and enjoy a more efficient and fun carving experience.

Key Features :

  • New EZ nose cap makes sure of a faster and easier adjustment to the tool
  • The better and more comfortable design makes it more efficient
  • A fuller motor along with switches allows a better precision and control
  • Plenty of accessories are provided during the purchase
  • Grip made of silicon for a comfortable hold
  • Slot-Like design on the device increases the friction which ensures a firmer grip
  • Long cord ensures an easy reach to any power outlet

10. Flex Shaft- 9 Attachments & 64 Accessories

Dremel 4300-9/64 Versatile Corded Rotary Tool Kit with Flex Shaft and Hard Storage Case, High Power & Performance, Variable Speed- Engraver, Etcher, Sander, and Polisher, Ultimate Gift for the DIYER

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Dremel’s main motto is never to disappoint, and we can say that they have kept their word again. They have successfully managed to create another masterpiece, which has already become the new talk of the town.

This rotary tool kit is a device capable of enhancing your cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding, etc., skills to a different level.

For starters, the product has a new three-jaw chuck. This allows a quick and easy change of accessories and extensions, which makes working with the tool much more efficient. There has been a cool upgrade. A new rotating pivot light has been installed, which illuminates the work area to prevent all parallax errors.

Another fantastic feature is that powerful motors have been installed in this product. The 1.8-amp motor provides a 35,000 RPM speed, which will let you make accurate and intricate cuts on any material.

Plus, a rheostat like a knob allows you to easily adjust the speed of the tool from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM with higher precision and control.

Though it’s a bit expensive, yet don’t let that stop you from buying this efficient item. It is worth every dime for its high functionality and usability.

Key Features :

  • A powerful motor capable of spinning at 35,000 RPM ensures more accurate cuts
  • 3-jaw chuck ensures a quick and more efficient accessory changing process
  • Pivot light on the jaw illuminates the working area
  • Rheostat like mechanism allows the speed to be adjusted more easily

Things To Consider Before Buying Dremel for Wood Carving

Buy a rotary tool that will best suit your project and your comfort. Otherwise, it won’t be of any use. These are the things you need to think through before making the purchase properly:


Even though Dremel tools take less time to finish up a task than the usual, wood carving is a lengthy process in general. Your product needs to be solid enough to run fine persistently for long hours. If your item is made up of durable materials, it will stay with you for a long time.

Cord or No Cord

Deciding between a cord and a cordless is quite imperative, and it has to suffice your needs. Both of them are powered by electricity and need charging units. If you are someone who wants to easily maneuver the tool or want to have a flexible posture, then choose a cordless one.

A corded machine is used when power and reliability are looked for in a product. It is considered to be reliable as it is attached to a charger all the time and doesn’t run out of battery.

But the cordless ones’ batteries need to be charged once they are running low. Hence, it can’t be used while being charged.

This is all about preferences if you think cords create a mess then go for the other option. And if you think you wouldn’t want to waste your time waiting for the tool to become charged, then get the one with the wire.

Size of the Tool

You must know for which type of task you are getting this machine for. Smaller sized products give less power but are easier to handle and maneuver.

The bigger sized ones have powerful motors and can get heavy-duty jobs done pretty smoothly. But since they are rather large, they are slightly awkward to use.

A project which requires precision and has difficult to reach zones then you should opt for the smaller ones. But pick up the bigger one when you are doing a relatively large project, and all you need is a professional-looking outcome in a short time.

Setting of Speed

Here you get two options; one is a set speed, and the other is a variable one. A set speed would let you have attained a speed that is quite consistent, and the versatile speed option can be altered according to one’s need.

The machine with the set speed option is perfect for those who have only a little experience in this sector, and it can get a bit hard for them to adjust the settings.

The Motor

High powered motors are useful when you need to complete a task in minimum time. Their impressive horsepower gives them the ability to carve wood much faster than the average.

Now with the ones that have less power come in handy when you are handling projects that require precision. Their low power helps the user to have a firmer grip over the handle.


Make sure whichever rotary tool you decide to buy has an adequate amount of airflow within its system. This is crucial because when the motor runs, the whole machine becomes hot, and a sufficient amount of airflow will be able to cool it down.

Not only does this increase the lifespan of your tool, but it also tends to be moderately quiet.


You’d find a myriad of products with a different price tag. Our advice to you would be to get an item that meets your requirements and is within your budget. Here you can find good tools are made for people who have a budget constraint.

Get the best tool that your money can buy. That should be good enough.

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Benefits of Using Dremel in Wood Carving Project

Dremel is a famous company among woodworkers for a reason; usability. There are a few benefits of using Dremel in your wood carving project, which we will be discussing below:

Changeable Speed

Different projects require a different kind of speeds, and Dremel provides you that with its changeable speed mode. You can go as low as 5,000 RPMs and as high as 32,000 RPMs. Higher ones make a cleaner look while the lower ones are good for precision.

Difficult to Reach Areas Can Be Easily Accessed

The bonus feature of the products manufactured by this brand is their flex shaft attachment. This has a structure similar to a pencil, slim and lightweight, and has a cord attached to it. The structure helps it to reach very tight and small spots while the cord lets the worker have more flexibility and a better posture.

Has a Lot of Power

More power means more efficiency. The rotary tools made by this brand has plenty of horsepower within it. A powerful machine can eliminate wood much quicker than an average one. This can only mean one thing; much smooth carved woods in less time.

Attachments Available

You’ll get a few attachments with your purchase. These items can be used in various tasks such as polishing, cutting, cleaning, sanding, and, of course, engraving.

Dremel Tool Care & Maintenance

If you want your tool to provide you service for long years, then you have to take proper care of it. Even the best Dremel for wood carving needs an adequate amount of maintenance to run smoothly. Here are a few things that you can follow:

Cleaning the Tool Right Away

Right after you are done carving wood, you must remove all the debris from the tool. In this way, you will be preventing the machine from becoming worn out. This debris only causes damage to the tool once there is a build-up.

Charging the Battery

It is always better to have a fully charged cordless rotary tool before every use. Stress over battery doesn’t fall like that.

Check the Tools Frequently

Keep an eye on the tools and give them a check every once in a while. By doing that, you’ll be able to detect problems easily and get those parts fixed. The products with issues that are not attended will cause greater damage than if detected earlier.

Keep Away from Bad Conditions

The functionality of a tool will see a decline if it is left in snow or water. So, you should safely tuck away the kit when the conditions are not favorable, and it is not being used.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can all the Dremel attachments fit in all the rotary tools made by the company?

No, not all can be attached. Even if they are fitted to one another, it won’t simply work.

2. Who and where was the company Dremel founded?

An immigrant-founded this company from Austria. It was discovered in Racine, Wisconsin in the year 1932.

3. How will one know that it’s time to change the brushes?

After about 3-4 days of use, carefully examine the brushes, and check whether the length has decreased and become one by eight inches.

4. What to do when the tool is getting hot even with the airflow system?

This usually occurs when your ventilation system stops working properly, or too much heat is generated. What you have to do is keep the tool aside and wait for it to cool down.

5. What to do when the tool doesn’t switch on?

If it is cordless, check whether the battery has the charge or not. And, if it is a corded one, then be sure that it is properly connected to the power-point. If the problem persists, check with a nearby hardware shop.

Final Words

Your projects will be completed in a jet speed if you decide to purchase a rotary tool from Dremel. Make sure you choose the finest product for you as the best Dremel for wood carving would give you a smoother looking end product.

We hope that our article was of some help, and if you feel there is still room left for confusion, let us know.

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