5 Best Double-Sided Mounting Tape in 2021 – A Comprehensive Guide to Fix Things

Are you searching for a quick and neat solution to the bonding issues that your business product is facing? Do you need a cheap and easy bonding material that will be long-lasting and would not hamper the look or construction of your product? Moreover, you might be in the mood to redecorate your home or readjust the old frames and even put new ones. Are you worried that the redecoration or frame hanging part will require a lot of drilling, which might damage the walls? Or, are you irritated with the repeated use of adhesive and glue to keep things in one piece? Glue and adhesive might not be weather resistant and might wear out with time. Well, all these problems have a single permanent solution, which is a double-sided mounting tape.

Double-Sided Mounting Tape


A double-sided mounting tape is one of the most widely used forms of tape that covers a huge range of uses starting from household fixes to industrial and commercial purposes. It does not matter if you are looking for a simple solution to mount something on the wall without ruining the look of the place or if you are a hardcore businessman looking for a permanent and budgeted solution to enhance the profit margin of the product – a double-sided mounting tape can be the solution to all your problems. Generally, these kinds of tapes are underrated. However, they cater to a huge quantity of needs and come with numerous benefits within an affordable range.

A double-sided mounting tape is a tape, which comes with pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides of the tape. This means that a double-sided tape has an adhesive coating on either side and can be used for better gluing purposes. The best double-sided tape can be the perfect replacement for nails, glue, and single-sided tape. The double-sided mounting tape comprises certain essential components like adhesives, a carrier, and a release liner. The adhesives differ in thickness and composition. The carrier, as the name suggests, holds the adhesives. The release liner is the liner that covers one face of the tape and should be removed only when the user is ready with all the prep work.

This buying guide aims to provide all the relevant details about the best double-sided mounting tape. The benefits of using a double-sided tape and the factors or features that should be considered by the buyer before selecting his or her choice of a double-sided tape have also been discussed in detail. After going through this guide, the buyer will be able to understand the world of double-sided tapes and will be able to arrive at the perfect choice to fix things up. Let us now delve into the benefits of double-sided tapes so that the buyer can have a clearer picture inside his or her head.

5 Best Double-Sided Mounting Tape – Everything You Need to Know

There is a huge range of double-sided tapes that can pledge to be a solution for the fixing issue that the buyer is facing. Moreover, the buyer might reckon that single-sided tape would serve the purpose just as double-sided tape would. However, that is not the case as the double-sided tape comes with a range of benefits like being weather resistant. Moreover, the best double-sided mounting tape can have some unique features like chemical-proof and resistance to heat and UV. This buying guide focuses on all the essentials of buying double-sided mounting tapes like their benefits, types, and features.

Why should we use double-sided tape?

There is a wide range of uses for which a double-sided tape can be utilized. A double tape can be used for household purposes and business purposes as well. For instance, double-sided tape can be used for craft building and becomes much useful for products like cotton and clothes, which cannot be fixed with glue. Moreover, a double-sided mounting tape has been specially designed for mounting purposes and prevents the need for unnecessary drilling with nails and screws. The buyers will get a comprehensive list of benefits after going through the following points.

1. Quality of Adhesion

The double-sided adhesive tape provides a greater quality of adhesion to the surfaces that are glued together. Certain parameters will help the buyer to understand whether the double-sided tape is of good quality or not. When two rough surfaces are bonded together, gaps might remain. The double tape compensates for the unpaved rough surfaces by eliminating the gaps. Moreover, the adhesive on both sides helps to reduce the tension or stress from both surfaces making the bonding stronger. Furthermore, the best double-sided tape works as a shock absorber, reduces the risk of corrosion, and helps prevent moisture intrusion. Another crucial feature that this type of tape comes with is that it eliminates noise caused by vibration.

2. Assembly

The tape is perfect for industrial purposes as it hugely enhances the production process. The use of double-sided tapes cut down on the total time of the production process by reducing the time for the application of the tape. One does not have to wait for the adhesive to settle down as it is in the case of glue. Moreover, the usage of double-sided tapes simplifies the entire process. Nonetheless, the best double-sided tapes facilitate clean and healthy working sites.

3. Improved Design

The best double-sided tapes improve the visual appeal of the product by attaching it to its complementary background without hampering the design of the product. This means that a mounting tape can mount any product without damaging it or interfering with the fiber of the product. Moreover, the bonding done by the tape is transparent, which results in invisible fastening. Thus, the usage of mounting tape certainly enhances the design of the product.

4. Bonding Dissimilar Surfaces

The best mounting tapes can bond together a variety of surfaces. This means that the double-sided tape can bond two completely dissimilar surfaces without being concerned about their incompatibility. Moreover, the mounting tape can glue difficult surfaces like Glass too.

Types of Double-Sided Tapes

There are a variety of double-sided mounting tapes available in the market. The type of tape needed by the buyer depends on the use, the texture of the surfaces, and other important factors, which will be discussed in the latter part of the guide. However, let us now look into the different types of double-sided tapes that the buyer can consider.

1. Acrylic Foam Tape

Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty, Mounting Tape, Waterproof Foam Tape, 16.4FT Length, 0.94 Inch Width for Car, LED Strip Lights, Home Decor, Office Decor, Made of 3M VHB Tape

Acrylic foam tape is a type of double-sided mounting tape, which is used in a variety of construction and manufacturing industries like the paper mill industry and the carpet industry. The double-sided carpet tape makes use of acrylic foam tape, which has medium adhesion properties and leaves no residue on removal. The core of a double-sided foam tape consists of a layer of foam covered with acrylic adhesive on both sides. The double-sided foam tape is typically meant for outdoor use and has weather-resistant properties. One of the key features of acrylic foam tape is that it facilitates strong and durable bonding. The Black Acrylic Adhesive Foam Tape can be referred to by the buyers for a better understanding of the product.

Acrylic Foam Tape

The acrylic tape has revolutionized the automobile industry by replacing the metal fasteners exposed to the risk of rust and corrosion with high bonding foam tapes, which last longer and are corrosion resistant. The foam used as a carrier facilitates the uniform distribution of load. Moreover, the acrylic adhesive enhances the bonding strength making it a durable and strong tape. The liner helps to maintain the stickiness quotient of the tape and protects it from dust and dirt.

2. 3M VHB Tape

The 3M VHB tape has industrial strength and can be a real game-changer. It is a popular double-sided mounting tape available in the market. The term VHB stands for very high bonding. The 3M VHB tape is meant for both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, the 3M VHB is a strong tape, which can bond over a wide range of rough surfaces together. It is one of the most popular bonding solutions used for both household and industrial purposes. The 3M VHB tape also constitutes foam, which makes the tape viscoelastic. This means that the tape works flexibly with the bonding surfaces and provides greater strength.

Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty, Mounting Tape, Waterproof Foam Tape, 16.4FT Length, 0.94 Inch Width for Car, LED Strip Lights, Home Decor, Office Decor, Made of 3M VHB Tape

The 3M VHB double-sided tape offers a range of benefits. Most importantly, the mounting tape facilitates a high-strength bond between any two dissimilar surfaces. Moreover, the adhesive along with the foam results in a brilliant shock-absorbing property that is produced by a dynamic load. The 3M VHB tape also results in a durable and agile bond that lasts longer than usual. Furthermore, the 3M double tape has all the features of the double-sided tape as it is weather-resistant, has contouring abilities to take up the shape of the surface, and the foam acts as a sealing agent. It does not hamper the design of the product and a 3M double tape is cost-efficient, handy, and requires no extra mechanical work. The HitLights Mounting Tape can be referred to by the buyers so that they can understand the product in a better way.

3. Thin Bonding Tape

The thing bonding tape is a heavy-duty double-sided mounting tape. It facilitates a permanent bond between two dissimilar or smooth and rough surfaces and is meant for both indoor and outdoor use. The unique feature that the double-sided tape possesses is that it bonds different surfaces or substrates with a strong, durable yet thin-sized tape. The thin size of the tape allows two surfaces to be attached in a strong bond in a thin profile setting. Therefore, a thin bonding tape is best for buyers or manufacturers who are looking for gluing things without increasing the total width of the product. Moreover, a thin tape features the least design interference, a comfortable adhesion system for irregular surfaces, and clear tapes so that they remain visually invisible.

LAPANDA 3M Double Sided Tape, Waterproof Heavy Duty Foam Tape, 36FT Length, 0.4 Inch Width for Car, Home Decor, Office Decor

These are the broad categories of heavy-duty double-sided mounting tape. The buyer should consider all the types of double-sided tape before going in for the purchase. It should be remembered here that all the double-sided tapes have pressure-sensitive adhesive on either side and are effective for mounting the product both on rough and smooth surfaces. However, the buyer might find it difficult and confusing to arrive at a specific choice. Thus, the next part of the guide identifies the criteria, which must be considered by a buyer before going in for the purchase. The buyers can refer to the 3M Thin Double-Sided Tape for better understanding.

How to choose the Best Double-Sided Mounting Tape?

Choosing the right tape for the project or the product is essential for arriving at the desired outcome. The right kind of tape for the application to which it is put should be compatible. The buyers should be mindful of the fact that despite the best tape brands announcing that their tape fits all purposes, the following factors are considered to arrive at the correct choice.

1. Measurement of the Tape

The measurement of the tape is a crucial feature that the buyer must consider before selecting a heavy-duty double-sided tape. It might be a common belief that a thick-sized mounting tape serves the purpose better in all situations. However, the buyer must be aware of the fact that a thin-sized tape will permit the least space between the object that is being mounted and the wall. This results in a thinner profile and also does not interfere with the width or the design of the product. On the other hand, a thick-sized mounting tape due to more surface area can take up a greater load and should be preferred for mounting heavier objects. Therefore, the buyer should be able to decide on the measurement of the tape at once. The Emitiever Strong Adhesive 2 Sided Foam Tape can be a perfect example of a double-sided tape that the buyers can refer to.

2. Temperature Resistance

The pressure-sensitive adhesives are water or heat-resistant. However, the temperature or weather condition does affect the adhesion strength of the tape. Therefore, it is essential to understand whether the double-sided tape is being applied on outdoor or indoor surfaces. Moreover, the buyer should also understand that the tape is affected by extreme weather. Typically, a double-sided mounting tape works best in warm weather and tends to lose out on its adhesion qualities in cold weather. Thus, it essential for the buyer to go through the product description and opt for a tape that is best suited for cooler temperatures.

3. Surface Type

Gorilla Tough & Clear Double Sided Adhesive Mounting Tape, Extra Large, 1' x 150', Clear, (Pack of 1)

This is another important factor that the buyer needs to consider before buying a double-sided tape. This means that although all the mounting tape brands out there are boasting about the fact that their double-sided mounting tape is the one-stop solution for all fixes, the buyer should be specific about the texture of the two surfaces for which the tape will be used. The surface characteristics of the two substrates that the buyer is trying to stick together should be evaluated and a double-sided tape should be purchased that suits the surfaces. For instance, a thin double-sided tape can be used for smooth surfaces like PVC, glass, or aluminum. However, in the case of rough surfaces like wood, brick, or cement, a thick, heavy-duty double-sided tape is used because it has foam, which works as a better shock absorber. The Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape can be one of the perfect examples.

4. Surface Energy

Surface energy is a fundamental property of any surface. It refers to the force of attraction or repulsion that is exerted by any material surface on another. The buyers must understand here that the substrates that have high surface energy prove to stick better and has a higher degree of adhesion to them. Glass, metal has higher surface energy and act as efficient substrates. However, materials like silicone have lower surface energy and would require more effective silicone adhesive. Moreover, in case of surfaces that have been treated or have an upper coating like a painted wall, might hold the tape well if the paint has high surface energy but if the wall surface below the paint happens to have lower surface energy then the entire layer of paint might peel off.

Other Considerations

There are some other considerations that the buyer must go through to make a perfect choice. Some important set of guiding questions that the buyer must ask herself are as follows.

  • Is the buyer looking for a solution that lasts longer or is it temporary?
  • Does the buyer prefer a tape that leaves no residue on removal?
  • What potential elements like heat, dust, and dirt can be the tape exposed to while application as well as after application?
  • What should be the thickness of the tape? Is there a predetermined size?
  • While using the tape for industrial purposes, will there be any kind of heat involved while applying it?
  • How much length of tape would you need?
Scotch-Mount Outdoor Double-Sided Mounting Tape 411H, 1 in x 60 in

These are the primary factors that are needed to be considered to make the correct choice. The buyers should remember that they need to be clear with the purpose of the tape, the surface material details, and the weather condition to which the adhesive will be exposed. It can be certainly stated here that going through all these factors will provide enough clarity to the buyer. The Scotch Mount Double-Sided Mounting Tape is a perfect example that the buyers can refer to.


What is better a thin double-sided tape or a thick one?

There is no ideal answer to this question as it all depends on the load you are trying to mount along with the surface texture and design. For instance, smooth surfaces would perfectly work with thin double-sided tape. A thin double-sided tape uses paper as a carrier and can lift lightweight objects. However, the thin size does not interfere with the design of the product and is also easy to remove. In the case of double-sided thick tape, the foam enhances the adhesion quality of the tape and can lift a load with more weight. Thick tapes are also better for uneven and rough surfaces. However, it would be difficult to remove the foam later. It would have to be scrubbed off manually.

How to remove a double-sided tape?

The removal of a double-sided tape might be difficult depending on the pressure-sensitive adhesive and its chemical texture. The buyer must remember here that the adhesive can have an acrylic or rubber base. However, the best tapes come with no removal residue, which makes the process simple and easy. Nonetheless, the chemicals might stain the substrate and turn it yellow over time. The best solution for such a situation would be solvent sprays that would clean the surface off the chemical. However, in case the foam sticks to the wall or the surface material then it has to scrape off manually.

How long would the best double-sided tape last?

The longevity of a tape depends on the compatibility it shares with the substrate surfaces on which it has been pasted. The adhesion quality of the bond depends on several factors like temperature, surface energy, surface texture, and application. A double-sided tape would last for quite some time if the tape is compatible with the substrate surface.


The key to success while choosing the correct best double-sided tape is considering the essential factors like surface type, the weight of the object to be mounted, and weather conditions to which the tape will be exposed. The best double-sided tape is not only a permanent solution to your problems but also is cheap and affordable. Manufacturers from all over the world have used these tapes for their products, which has improved their profit margins. Thus, this guide has listed all the essential factors and points to keep in mind before purchasing a double-sided mounting tape. Moreover, it is advisable to test the tape on the substrate surface before going in for the final buy. Wishing you all the best. Happy Purchasing!