Top 10 Best Ball Joint Press – Review & Buying Guide

Does your car make a weird dull noise whenever you drift it? If that’s the case, then there is a high chance that the ball joint of the steering wheel has gotten bad. You should immediately replace it before any mishap takes place.

If you ought to carry this procedure out by yourself, then you should know that you cannot do it without the help of a ball joint press. Here we will help you choose the best ball joint press and prevent you from landing with a dud.

We won’t make you hold your breathe any longer and start right away.

Our Top 10 Best Ball Joint Press

Not all products coming out in the market can be trusted to perform well. You don’t have to leap of faith as we have accumulated detailed reviews on ten top-notch quality ball joint press.

1. Heavy Duty Ball Joint Press & U Joint Removal Tool Kit

Heavy Duty Ball Joint Press & U Joint Removal Tool Kit with 4x4 Adapters, for Most 2WD and 4WD Cars and Light Trucks
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To all those drifters out there, you should take a glance at this particular product as this kit can quickly fix your joints and get your car ready for more action.

The product comes in a red plastic casing, which is neat and spacious enough to accommodate all the accessories provided. It comes with all tools required, such as three receiving tubes, removal, and installation adapters and cups, etc. These will be more than enough to provide almost everything needed for a perfect job.

Also, the A-grade heavy duty press is considered to be very versatile. It is capable of easily removing and installing ball joints, brake pins, including removing more sensitive and brittle parts such as corroded or rusted parts of most 4-wheelers.

Since it is made from extremely tough carbon steel, the strength of the item is unmatched. So, you can pretty much be sure that it will never fail you. Plus, you do not have to worry about it rusting or corroding.

One of steels’ attributes is that it resists rusting and corrosion, ensuring a long-lasting life for the product. This particular product will provide service to your car for ages if handled and appropriately kept.

The biggest shocker is that you can have all these at a meager price. Just click add to the cart and race with your car without having to worry about the ball joints getting damaged in the middle of nowhere.

Key Features :

  • Comes with a sleek and easy to carry casing
  • Designed to be durable, strong and efficient
  • Every necessary tool is provided during the purchase
  • Easy to store


2. Ball Joint Service Tool Kit with 4-wheel Drive Adapters

Astro Pneumatic Tool 7865 Ball Joint Service Tool with 4-wheel Drive Adapters
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Built entirely for heavy-duty, the Astro 7865 pneumatic tool kit is arguably the best ball joint press released by this brand. Installing and removing heavy parts such as joints, truck brakes, and even corroded parts, etc. are included in its daily job.

The product is made up of steel and is capable of supporting a loaded 18-wheeler without exhibiting any signs of damage. Steel is a compound that is a combination of carbon, silicon, and iron. This gives it the extraordinary strength and durability that it shows.

Since the weight is only 0.16 ounces, the overall usability of the item is quite simple. You can easily move the item around and lock it to the required area, making the entire task seem uncomplicated.

The manufacturers have created such a compact design that it has become pretty easy to store the product. Just put it away in the back of your truck and forget about the press until needed.

Everything that you will need to carry out the replacement is going to be provided with the purchase. This includes a full set that is capable of supporting 4-wheel driven vehicles with axle found in powerful muscle cars such as GM, Dodge, Ford, etc.

It’s quite hard to believe that a first-class product like this comes at such an affordable price. But it is the truth. We can assure you that your money will not go to waste.

Key Features :

  • Made from steel which is strong, durable and long-lasting
  • Lightweight so is easy to handle
  • Comes with all the necessary tools and accessories that can change brakes
  • Can support heavy muscle cars and SUVs/Jeeps
  • Compact and easy to store


3. 10Pc Ball Joint Remover Tool, Ball Joint Press Kit

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Are you looking for a product that can change the joints of almost any vehicle? If you are, then stop and spare some time to take a quick look at this helpful tool. From its functionality to its ability to change the parts swiftly has left us in awe.

The product has been manufactured with steel, which is one of the toughest alloys on the planet. This fact probably gives you a clear idea about the strength and durability of the toolbox.

So due to this property, no problems are faced while removing and installing any ball joints and brake pins of your 2WD and 4WD.

All the necessary accessories and tools are given with the purchase. It comes with a C-frame press, various installing and removing adapters, and different sizes of receiver tubes. These are enough to work with most types of 2WD and 4WD vehicles.

You can take along the toolset with you when you are taking your car for a spin as the size of it is quite small. So, storing it won’t be a problem.

There are times when customers prefer a little heavier press for the extra balance and support. This is a common demand among those who have shaky hands.

Although it is slightly towards the higher end of the spectrum, its high-performance trumps over everything.

Key Features :

  • Since the main composition is steel, heavy-duty jobs can be done
  • Capable of supporting almost all types of 2-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles
  • All the required accessories and tools for the task are provided with a sturdy case
  • Small and easy to use and carry around


4. Ball Joint, U-Joint, and Brake Anchor Pin Service Kit

OTC 7249 Ball Joint, U-Joint, and Brake Anchor Pin Service Kit with Storage Case , Gray
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Be it a novice or a professional; the OTC 7249 guarantees that it would be able to replace and fit new ball joints with absolute ease and little time.

Since the item is built to be strong and sturdy, it will always provide you the maximum mechanical support. The product is capable of changing any vehicle’s ball joints, U-joints, or brake pins.

It is provided in a sturdy blow mold casing that ensures the safety of all the accessories. The casing also allows the item to be transported anywhere and be stored away till needed.

Manufacturers have provided three-receiver tubes, three installing and removing adapters and cups, keeping you ready for almost any situation and vehicle. It is capable of doing everything, including complex adjustments.

One of the best attributes of the press that makes it stand out from the rest is its clamp-like structure. The structure which is made from tough and reliable material provides more balance in dire conditions. So you can be sure that the item will have your back even in the worst cases.

Professional grade quality with high support and balance justifies its hefty price tag. But, it is long-lasting, which makes this a great one-time investment. Plus, doesn’t quality trump everything?

Key Features :

  • Sturdy and reliable enough to be used for almost all types of vehicles
  • Provides full support during any mechanical work
  • Clamp features provide more aid and balance in your work
  • Necessary tools are given during purchase that keeps you prepared for the worst


5. Upper and Lower Ball Joint Removal Tool

Orion Motor Tech 21PCS Master Ball Joint Press | Upper and Lower Ball Joint Removal Tool | Automotive Mechanic Tool Set
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OrionMotor is a brand that doesn’t joke around when it comes to launching the most excellent tools in the market. They never compromise with their quality, which is why most of their releases are a cult favorite, including this one.

Well, for starters, the product’s extraordinary strength and great durability will have you amazed. Built from carbon steel, which has high tensile stress, the item will instantly become your favorite. Being made from steel makes it rust and erosion proof that gives it an edge in durability.

The item is so strong that it can support a 4-wheel-driven car with almost a half or three-fourths of a ton axle with ease.

Apart from that, the item comes with many sturdy accessories such as C-frame press, three-receiver tubes, including variable changing adapters. All of these will make sure that you are ready for any situation.

To ensure maximum security of the product, it comes inside a cool and elegant blue casing. And, if you are new to the ball joint changing business, then fear not as the press comes with a very informative manual with easy-to-understand instructions and diagrams.

Key Features :

  • Cool and hard blow mold casing which ensures the safety of accessories
  • The casing makes it portable and easy to store
  • Hard and durable
  • Comes with every tool that is necessary for good ball joint changing experience


6. Ball Joint Press & U Joint Removal Tool Kit

Heavy Duty Ball Joint Press & U Joint Removal Tool Kit with 4x4 Adapters, for Most 2WD and 4WD Cars and Light Trucks (BL)
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Quickly get rid of the worn ball joints, damaged brakes, and rusted parts of your car with the help of this carbon-steel press. Dismantling parts seem effortless as the strong composition of steel exerts high pressure.

It does not end at that; the carbon-steel material doesn’t get damaged even if it’s accidentally dropped to the ground. Therefore, this can also turn out to be pretty useful for heavy use.

The two types of adapters are coated with a layer of black-oxide to prevent rusting to occur. Thus, you will be able to use it for a very long time.

This can not only fix ball joints of 4-wheeler sedan cars but also can be adjusted to fit in with the joint of a pickup truck. The best part is that you wouldn’t need to detach the control arm from the car to carry out this procedure.

Besides, you’ll receive brake anchor pins and four adapters to give you a boost while separating the broken bits. Drifting your car wouldn’t be a problem anymore as long as you have this ball joint press stashed in your trunk.

Key Features :

  • The casing protects against scratches
  • Carbon-Steel composition allows it to be durable
  • Rust prevention occurs due to the black-oxide coating


7. Ball Joint Press & U Joint Removal Tool

Heavy Duty Ball Joint Press & U Joint Removal Tool Kit with 4wd Adapters, for Most 2WD and 4WD Cars and Light Trucks (BK)
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Another product from OrionMotor makes a debut on our list. This should be proof enough that the ball joint press they make is of great quality. But unlike its siblings, the product comes in a very cool and sleek looking design.

This bad boy is not only sleek but is also made from carbon steel. Carbon steel has extreme strength and durability. Now you probably understand why it is so reliable.

Three receiver tubes, three installing and removing adapters, and a horseshoe-like frame press are the tools that allow the quick and easy replacement of the damaged ball joints.

All these can easily fit inside that black casing. Filled with every necessary accessory, the manufacturers have ensured to keep you ready for any situation.

Pro or novice, it doesn’t matter. This doesn’t discriminate between levels of experience and provides easy-to-use experience for all. For aid, the item has a manual that has detailed instructions and diagrams.

To add more invincibility to the item, a black oxide coating has been layered on top of the surface. This is forged from one of the strongest alloys on earth. So you will be able to avoid the formation of rust on the press.

But what’s surprising is the affordable price tag. We would jump on the opportunity of getting this if we were you.

Key Features :

  • Strong, sleek and reliable
  • User-Friendly
  • Easy to carry around and store
  • The black blow mold casing comes with all the required accessories
  • Rust and erosion proof


8. Ball Joint Service Tool Kit and Master Adapter Set

Astro Pneumatic Tool 7897 21Pc Ball Joint Service Tool and Master Adapter Set
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The Astro 7897 is the new talk of the town for its high functionality. So if you are looking for something with a more professional touch, then this is it.

It is made from a new, and a much stronger alloy. C-frame of the kit, too, is specially built with tough materials to carry out heavy-duty tasks. The product’s strength allows it to support an 18 wheeler large truck with ease.

Also, the adapters have been remodeled to tackle any tight spots. If that is not enough, then you also must know that the adaptors have been installed with a modification option. So, the shape and size can be modified to accommodate a part to get the job done.

There are times when the tools become damaged and aren’t able to function correctly. To prevent that from occurring, all the accessories come inside a hard blow mold case. This casing also ensures that all the tools are organized and enables a better transporting factor.

Additionally, the master kit comes pickle forks for ball joint separating and extra adaptors. These adaptors and tools can be used in almost all kinds of vehicles.

If you are a professional or are aiming to be one, then purchasing this will take you a step closer to your goal.

Key Features :

  • Made from a new alloy that makes it strong, smooth and durable
  • The master package comes with a complete set of all tools
  • The casing which allows easy storing and portability
  • Can be used in both upper and lower ball joints


9. Ball Joint Deluxe Service Kit Tool Set

CARTMAN 4-in-1 Ball Joint Deluxe Service Kit Tool Set 2wd & 4wd Vehicles Remover Install, with 4-Wheel Drive Adapters
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The Cartman is a perfect harmony of simplicity and easy functionality for all beginner level users. It contains all the essential and necessary tools that can be used for a good and efficient ball joint changing experience.

There is a C-framed press, three-receiver tubes including different adapters, good quality tools along with resistance to corrosion and rust which increases the durability.

All of the items altogether are perfect for lifting all kinds of 4-wheelers. The product is also quite capable of removing sensitive and brittle parts such as damaged or eroded areas.

Apart from all of this, it comes in a smooth and cool-looking hard blow molding casing. The casing makes sure that all your tools are safe and allows them to transported without getting scratched or damaged.

Not just that, the casing keeps all the products in an organized manner. Without the case, you would have probably have lost or would have damaged almost half of the tools, so it’s vital.

The light, easy to use, and reliable comes at a shockingly low price and is the best ball joint press for those who are still new to the replacing game.

Key Features :

  • Light and sturdy
  • Capable of doing all sorts of heavy lifting work
  • Hard blow mold casing that allows portability and easy storage
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion


10. 4-in-1 Ball Joint Deluxe Service Kit Tool Set

Cal-Hawk 4-in-1 Ball Joint Deluxe Service Kit Tool Set 2wd & 4wd Vehicles Remover Install
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This is another product that has the right amount of everything to be able to save your car from losing control and going spiral. It is particularly suggested for novice level users as it is easier to maneuver.

Cal-Hawk has made the item intending to let its customers install new ball joints with ease. For that reason, they provide you tools such as C-shaped press and three receiver tubes along with various adapters. You see, the product provides more than enough to dismantle the broken ball joint.

Each tool is made from a durable and robust alloy that can easily lift all kinds of 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers such as Dodge, GM, Jeeps, etc. Not only are these tools durable, but also they are immune to rust or corrosion.

To keep your tools free from scratches, a red case is provided to store the gears. Made with a durable material that is capable of withstanding high force, it allows all of them to be kept in an organized manner, ensures easy storage and portability.

All the clunking and mysterious noises will be gone, and you’ll soon be able to race and drift in your car. We think this would be a great investment.

Key Features :

  • Tough and reliable enough to support any 4-wheeler
  • The strong case ensures the safety of the product
  • The case also makes the product portable and allows easy storage
  • Rust and erosion proof


Things to Consider Before Buying Ball Joint Press

Never be too quick to decide the tool kit you want to buy. A hasty decision could lead you to a bad investment. To get the best ball joint press according to your needs, you must consider a few factors before making the purchase.

Compatibility and Versatility

Different cars have different types of joints and brake pins. So versatility is important in this case as universal pins have to be changed and reinstalled. Compatibility is necessary so that your press can be used with all the types of vehicles out there.

Rust Formation Prevention

There are many tool kits in the market that have materials that oppose rusting. It is smart to get those as the longevity of the product increases. So, try to look for presses that have a black oxide coating on top of its surface.


A ball joint press is not something that is going to be stashed inside the compartments of your basement. It is meant to stay inside the trunk of a vehicle so they when an emergency arises, it can be fixed swiftly.

But you cannot just keep all the tools splayed out. A carry case with a handle would be needed to keep them in an organized manner and thus eventually make it portable.

The Tools That Come With the Kit

You don’t require just one but quite a few tools to carry out the procedure. First things first, 4-wheeled ball joints are needed to be used as a replacement. After that, pins, screws, receiver tubes, C-frames, and installing cups.

Materials and Durability

It is quite obvious that a weak material press would come of no use in the case of replacing joints. Strong steels such as carbon-steel is a great option. Be sure to get something that will provide you lengthy service, and only then you’ll get your money’s worth.


Those who are enthusiastic about replacing ball joints or are professionals it will be wise for you to get the expensive kit.

You’ll use it heavily and constantly so it’ll be worth the investment. But those who would probably carry out the procedure twice or thrice their entire lifetime, a budget-friendly tool kit is the way to go.

What is the Ball Joint Press

Ball joint press is basically what joins the knuckle of the steering wheel to the control arm. The primary function of it is to make the car move in a uniform line.

When this starts to wear down, the tires of your cars are damaged the most as the car won’t move in a straight line anymore. This is when the ball joint press comes into action. It is a tool that is used to take out and change the worn joints in different kinds of transport vehicles.

You can never do the procedure without this product as they are all closely fitted to one another. Very high pressure is needed to dismantle the setting.

The Benefits of Using It

  • Worn ball joints are changed, so the car does not get out of control while driving
  • Tires do not get damaged
  • Professionals charge a lot to change these, so plenty of money saved if you do the replacement
  • It can quite merely remove parts that have started to rust
  • It can be used to install newer parts in almost no time easily
  • In emergencies, one can change their ball joints using this product
  • Brakes can be replaced, and accidents will be prevented

How to use the ball joint press

We have covered more or less the A-Z about a ball joint press except for how to use it. A step by step procedure is given below for your better understanding.

Step 1: Preparation

The first step would be to use a car jack to lift the front side of the car and carefully detach the front wheels one by one.

Step 2: Detaching Parts of the Car

Brake caliper of the vehicle needs to be detached. Rotor also needs to be put aside. Disconnect the strut bolts and end of the tie-rod. Your steering knuckle can be moved after this. Very carefully, detach the cotter pin that keeps the top region of the control arm in position.

Step 3: Removing the Ball Joint

The ball joint press needs to be positioned right on top of the ball joint on the control arm. Using a socket and ratchet strain, the threaded shaft part of the press. This way, the joint will come just right out, and now you’ll be able to place a fresh ball joint.

Step 4: Installation

There is a deep cup part of the ball joint press; you need to place that region on top of the new ball. Again, strain the threaded shaft, and the fresh ball joint will slip right into place. Be sure about the fact that the joints have fallen into place properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the total time taken to replace ball joints?

If you have all your tools ready and have a bit of experience in carrying out this procedure, then it will take you approximately 2 hours. Other factors, such as tiredness, may increase the time duration.

2. Can you tighten to loose ball joints with the press?

Yes, it is possible. But it is advised to replace it with a fresh one as with time; the ball joints get loose again.

3. How will a damaged C-clamp affect the performance of the press?

It is the main part of the press. This is the tool that is used to press the joints. So a damaged C-Clamp might result in the inability of the ball joint to be changed.

4. What is the disadvantage of buying a heavy ball joint press?

While these provide support and balance, it is hard to hold it for a long period.

5. Can these ball joint presses be used to remove the ball joint from spindles?

No, spindles have a separate kind of presses.

Final Words

Those who are looking for the best ball joint press, be it, regular car owners or mechanics, these are our recommended products. But our favorite is the Cal-Hawk one as it offers so much at such an affordable price.

We would love to about your thoughts about this article. If you still have any questions regarding this topic, we are more than happy to help. Just let us know in the comment section.

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