Top 10 Best Automatic Center Punch in 2020 – Complete Buying Guide

It’s incredible how an incredibly small device like center punch can come in so handy in various projects. And since we are talking about automatic models over here, you will be astonished at the comfort they offer.

Now, how can you find the best automatic center punch when the market is full of so many attractive options? Well, you can try reading this article first, where we’ve talked about the most impressive products out there.

Once you are done with these reviews, you are going to make that buying decision in no time. Let’s see if we can help you with the cause.

Our 10 Best Automatic Center Punch Reviews

Here are the great products we want you to check out. We’ve mentioned the things you must know about them. So, read on to find yourself the ideal automatic center punch.

1. Neiko Automatic Center Hole Punch

We are talking about a punch that will impress you with the strength it offers. And as far as comfort is concerned, you will be delighted with the rubber cap it comes with. You need such a tool for precision at work.

Moreover, you have the handle of this model to be awesomely knurled. So, you have a tool in front of you that never slips out of hand. I was amazed at the convenience this little guy comes with.

Be it any application, and it will see the job done fast. And that’s why it’s the best automatic center punch on our list.

You’ve also got to check out the construction of this tool. They’ve used S2 steel in making it. So, you can imagine how durable this device will be. And in terms of sharpness, there’s no match to this material either.

And another worth mentioning feature is the chrome-plated finish it comes with. With such plating, you can rest assured that there will be no corrosion at all. What’s more, they’ve introduced a spring mechanism in it. Therefore, you don’t have to do much of work, as this mechanism makes it incredibly easy for you.

Key Features :

  • Incredible strength
  • S2 steel construction provides durability
  • Chrome plating prevents corrosion
  • Knurled handle
  • Rubber cap for comfort

2. TEKTON Automatic Center Punch

Here’s another stylish looking tool. It’s always fun to use an automatic device like this. And if it comes with a knurled surface, then the convenience gets to a new level. With such a feature, you won’t have to worry about the tool slipping out of your hand during work.

I loved the tool for many reasons; one of which is its excellent design. They’ve designed it in a way so that you get precision in work every time you use it. It won’t mess around a bit, instead will do the job as you want it.

A great thing about this product is that it makes a perfect starting point. See, with some punches out there, you will find the drills and screws to wander around. But, that won’t be the case with this excellent tool, thanks to the marking feature it offers.

Also, there’s an adjustable cap in place. This is no ordinary cap, mind you. This guy does the job of regulating the striking force.

Key Features :

  • Knurled surface
  • Beautiful design
  • Adjustable cap
  • Perfect starting point
  • Great spring mechanism

3. Automatic Center Punch with Adjustable Tension

Here’s another tool with a spring mechanism. If you want incredible dimples, you’ve got to use a device like this. For, this guy makes those dimples as precise as you want it. And if you are worried about sweaty hands and all, then be so no more. For, it comes with an extremely non-slippery surface.

Also, I found the length of this device to be just perfect. It’s the kind of length that makes handling the tool quite easy. What’s more, you will find the handle to be knurled so that you can do your work accurately.

The construction of this tool also amazed me. Hardened brass is a common choice when it comes to materials for devices like this. It is known to provide the user with incredible punches that are high of impact.

Another great feature is the spring mechanism it comes with. And they’ve used steel in constructing it. Thus, you have a very durable product over here. Moreover, the chrome-plated tip will be free of corrosion.

And like many other great tools, this one also comes with an adjustable cap that will adjust the spring tension very efficiently.

Key Features :

  • Great length
  • Knurled handle
  • Adjustable cap
  • Chrome-plated tip
  • Hardened steel construction for durability

4. HORUSDY Super Strong Automatic Centre Punch

The most outstanding thing about this product is that you have two tools in the package. They come with different levels of strength. Therefore, whenever you need to work on lighter projects, you can use the smaller device. And the bigger one will be appropriate for more intense tasks.

They’ve made these tools differ from each other based on the number of spring action. You have the smaller tool to come with single spring action, whereas it’s double in case of the larger one. So, you shouldn’t use the smaller device to do the heavy works. Otherwise, it will get damaged.

I recommend that you use the larger one for steel and the smaller one for wood. It’s always fun to use two tools for different purposes that you won’t have to buy separately.

What I also liked about this product is the solid construction it comes with. They’ve used hardened steel in making these devices. So, you can use the tools for a long time. And you won’t notice any corrosion whatsoever.

So, overall, this one deserves to be considered as one of the best automatic center punches out there.

Key Features :

  • Two tools
  • Both single and double spring actions
  • Solid construction
  • Non-slippery handle
  • Corrosion-resistant

5. AFUNTA 3 Pcs Automatic Center Punch Tool

If you want a product with incredible versatility, this is the one. For, we aren’t talking about a single tool anymore. Instead, we are dealing with three tools here. So, be it any application, these guys will see the job done.

I liked the design of these punches very much. For, they all come with a knurled surface. Therefore, you will feel comfortable while working with them, knowing that they won’t slip out of hand. Also, there’s a remarkably comfortable cap in place. Thanks to this, you won’t feel the impact much.

You will also have to appreciate the construction of these devices. They all come with a steel body. Therefore, you can expect that they will last longer and won’t be affected by corrosion.

Moreover, they come with a spring mechanism. So, adjusting the impact strength is going to be easy from now on. Therefore, these tools are perfect for light to heavy projects. And I recommend this product highly for the versatility and convenience it offers.

Key Features :

  • Three tools provide versatility
  • Knurled design
  • Steel body construction
  • Comfortable cap
  • Awesome length of the tools

6. Stainless Steel Automatic Center Punch

Let’s talk about another ridiculously sturdy tool. You can present this bad boy with any challenging projects, and it won’t back out or let you down. I say this after looking at its extraordinary build. The materials they’ve introduced in it are expected to deliver.

Yes, the stainless-steel punch will be extremely resistant to corrosion. And the hardened steel tip will be as durable as it gets. Also, what’s quite impressive is that it won’t have a problem with marking the hardest of materials. And that’s something not many models can offer you.

I also loved this automatic tool for how easy it is to use. All you need to do to get it started is put the pressure downward. This is how easy it will be to make those dimples.

Another recognizable feature is the knurled cap. Marking the materials will be a breeze with such a handy feature. Also, the body of the punch comes knurled. So, you can adjust the impact force more accurately, thanks to this.

Key Features :

  • Sturdy build
  • Hardened steel tip
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Knurled cap for easy adjustment
  • Precise dimples

7. Automatic Center Punch with Adjustable Stroke

Here’s another great tool. The brand has made quite a few models up until now and has earned a decent reputation with them. Of course, the model we are reviewing is an automatic device. It is very strongly made. Yes, the type of construction it has will assure you that you are buying a tool for a lifetime.

Also, it will be very easy to use. I loved the way it gets to work once you’ve applied some downward pressure. After that, you can adjust the striking force any way you like without having to do much.

Now, it’s always a smart move to buy an expensive option like this. For, you don’t buy a punch frequently, do you? So, you should get a tool like this that won’t let you down.

For marking metals such as steel, I recommend this product highly. It is made for such onerous tasks. Moreover, it comes with a knurled surface so that the tool doesn’t slip away during work. And when it comes to smoothness of motion, you will be delighted with it.

Key Features :

  • Strong build
  • Easy to adjust the striking force
  • Knurled handle
  • Suitable for heavy metals
  • Smooth motion

8. Lisle Automatic Center Punch

This is another substantially constructed unit. They’ve used hardened steel for the purpose. And this material is known to make the model very strong and long-lasting. A great thing about this punch is that it has a tapered tip. Therefore, you can use it for a lot of applications.

I found the tool to be extremely rust-resistant. And when it comes to tear and wear, you can rest assured that there won’t be any such happening. I also loved the way they’ve introduced a clip in it. It offers easy portability.

What’s more, the device has a knurled handle. So, it will be very easy to grip and won’t slip away. Therefore, even a beginner will be comfortable using the tool. Moreover, the cap of it comes knurled. It makes the adjustment of spring tension automatically for you.

If you want a versatile tool, then this can be a great option. For, it lets you adjust the impact force easily. Therefore, it will come in handy in various jobs.

Key Features :

  • Hardened steel construction
  • Tampered tip
  • Clip for portability
  • Knurled handle
  • Rust resistant

9. Automatic Center Punch With Adjustable Stroke

We are reviewing another Starrett product. This one looks very old school. But, as far as great features go, it comes with all of them. I would recommend this product for anyone who’s looking for the utmost precision. They’ve made it do the job as accurately as possible.

You’ve got to appreciate its sturdy construction. Yes, we are talking about hardened steel once again. This material seems to be the most popular option out there. The tool also comes with tampered steel construction. Therefore, you have a remarkably durable product over here.

If you can’t stand rust, you will like this tool very much. For, with this type of build, you can expect that it will be highly rust-resistant. Now, a cool thing about tools like this is that their spring mechanism does the job without needing a hammer. So, in terms of convenience, this is one of the best options.

Another thing I want to mention about this tool is the comfortable length of it. Yes, it’s perfectly long to allow its users to work with it efficiently.

Key Features :

  • Strong construction
  • Tampered steel is introduced
  • Resistant to rust
  • Comfortable length
  • Efficient spring mechanism

10. Spring-Loaded Automatic Steel Center Hole Punch

MulWark 5' Spring-Loaded Automatic Steel Center Hole Punch Marker Scriber For Wood, Metal, Plastic, Car Window Puncher Breaker Tool-With Palm Cushion Cap, Adjustable Impact-A Replacement Tip Included

Price not available
Buy on Amazon

Looking for precise dimples? Then, this is a tool that will allow you to have them. For, it comes with an adjustable cap to adjust the striking force any way you want. So, you will have fun working with this device on all those tough projects.

Since it’s an automatic tool, you can rest assured that the screws or the drill bits will remain firm on the spot. This is the most obvious benefit of using a tool like this. Also, in terms of ease of use, this is a great device.

I loved the design of this punch. The way it comes with cushioning on the cap is brilliant. You will appreciate it when you will see that you aren’t bothered by the spring impact at all. Moreover, they’ve made the body of this tool nicely knurled. Therefore, you will have fun gripping it.

What’s more, manufacturers have included an extra tip with this model so that you can carry on working even if the original point gets damaged.

Key Features :

  • Cushioning on the cap
  • Easy adjustment
  • Non-slippery handle
  • Comfortable length
  • Extra tip included

What To Look Before Buying Automatic Center Punch

Let’s acquaint you with the features that you need to take into account before buying an automatic center punch.


This is the first thing to look for if you want to buy the best automatic center punch. Since the punch will go through tough tasks at times, it needs to be strong. Therefore, you should look for a material that will see the job done no matter what.

We’ve found some materials to be extremely popular in the market. These are hardened-steel, stainless-steel, and tempered-steel. These materials will make sure that the tool lasts for long. Also, these are known to be extremely resistant to rust, corrosion, tear, and wear.

So, you should look for any of these materials if you have serious projects to work on.

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The design of the device should be such that it offers you convenience and comfort. We’ve seen some design geniuses that make the using of the tool much more fun.

And we reviewed the product that comes with knurled cap and handles. This is a remarkable design aspect that you must look for. A knurled tool won’t slip out of hand so easily.

So, if you want a safe working experience, you need the punch to have this design. It will also let you have precision at work.


You might want to look for cushioning on the cap of the punch. It provides you with extra comfort during impact. I found this feature to be extremely cool. Since, it allows me to work for long hours without getting hand fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a center punch do anything other than making dimples?

Yes, rescue workers use this in breaking tempered glasses whenever there’s a situation.

2. Is it okay to sharpen the punch’s tip?

Yes, you can do that. But, make sure not to break it or anything in the process. Be careful during the sharpening.

3. Does an automatic center punch need a hammer to work?

No, it doesn’t need a hammer. That’s why it’s called an automatic punch. It has this impressive spring mechanism that does the job of a hammer.

4. How should I take care of the tool?

You should oil it from time to time. Also, you can sharpen the tip when needed. And keep the punch clean always.

5. What is the benefit of a knurled handle?

It will help you get a better grip on the device. With such a design, the tool won’t slip away.

Final Words

See, it’s not that tough to find the best automatic center punch? Now, go through the highlighted features one more time to make sure you are choosing the right product. And if there’s any query, we will be here.

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