10 Best Auto Primers in A Spray Can

Everyone loves their cars a little too much, so witnessing scratches or dents on them is hands down the last thing that anyone needs to wants to witness. Even if you bubble wraps your car and drives it safely, there will be a few loopholes that end up affecting or damaging your car, putting scratches on them. 

While it is true that there are a few ways you could avoid getting them, for the most part, it is inevitable. And, let’s be real, getting the same fixed by a professional every time you damage the car is going to eventually take a toll on your bank account. The best way to fix scratched paint on any automobile vehicle is by using a primer in a spray can. They are convenient to carry, easy to use, and a lot less hazardous compared to the other variants.

If you are a novice when it comes to repainting on scratched metal surfaces on the car, likely, you wouldn’t know what a primer is and why it is generally used. Much like before painting the insides of your home, you apply a layer of primer on the wall before the actual paint goes on top of it. The same goes for the cars too.

Before applying a layer of paint to the scratched surfaces, you must spray the surface with some primer before you end up repainting the area. The primers are often used for body repairs of the automobile to fix any deeper scratches or dents that your car has sustained from a severe accident.

When it comes to the medium of application, there are a few different types of auto primers that you can take a look into. Here, we are going to discuss the auto primer in a spray can. They are a lot more convenient to use and easily accessible too. If you don’t know how to apply paint, we have a detailed guide on how to apply primer spray paint on your car.

10 Best Auto Primers in A Spray Can

Since the auto primers are available in abundance in the market, it isn’t surprising at all that finding the best one tailored to your needs can be a little challenging, especially when you are a novice and don’t have much idea about the same. That entire aside, this article focuses on the auto primers in a spray can, which is a much more convenient option compared to the other variants.

1. Rust-Oleum 260510 Automotive 2-in-1 Filler & Sandable Primer

  • Color – Gray
  • Volume – 354.88 mm
  • Finish type – Ultimate finish

The Rust-Oleum 260510 Automotive 2-in-1 Filler & Sandable Primer deserves a mention in the first, especially because of how popular the brand and product has become in such a short period. Instead of just being a primer, this product is a multipurpose option that can be used as filler and a primer.

The product works on multiple surfaces, aside from just the metal of your cars. It can seamlessly work on wood and fiberglass surfaces too. The oil-based formula is made with the Stop Rust formula that makes the surface rust-resistant and ensures a long-lasting finish.

One can or spray bottle can easily cover a 10 sq. ft area, which is more than enough to fix the scratches and dents that your car has sustained from an accident you’ve been in. Also, the product dries to touch within a few minutes of application, which is pretty rewarding.

The oil-based product ensures a superior topcoat adhesion with a flat finish that yields a smooth finish. Also, the hi-build formula fills in the minor imperfections for an ultimate finish on the car. It is available in the standard gray color, so make sure that you choose the color according to your needs.


  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • High coverage area
  • Dries to touch
  • Provides topcoat adhesion
  • Hi-build formula


  • The sandable claim doesn’t stand out

2. Custom Coat 1K High Build Primer

  • Color – Gray
  • Volume – 16 fluid ounces
  • Paint type – Acrylic

Another popular auto primer that you can consider investing in is the Custom Coat 1K High Build Primer. This is unlike anything else in the market, especially with the thick and rich finish it leaves on the dents and scratches on the car.

Also, the standard gray color dissolves well with the upper layer of paint and doesn’t make the car look odd or out of place. This acrylic surfacer is another multipurpose option that can seamlessly work on multiple types of surfaces, including priming steel, fiberglass, and even aluminum.

Aside from helping with the top layer of paint adhesion, the product also has superior filling properties and works on rigid surfaces without any complaints. The topcoat is easy to sand to ensure that the upper layer has a smooth finish.

Also, the product has a versatile nature, which means that the product can be applied on multiple substrates without any distortions. The atomization nozzle in the spray bottle further makes it easier for you to apply the primer.


  • Rich and smooth finish
  • Multipurpose primer for different surfaces
  • Improves paint adhesion
  • Comes with an atomization nozzle
  • Versatile product


  • Emits black solids periodically

3. Krylon K05505007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint and Primer

  • Color – Black
  • Finish type – Gloss
  • Full cure time – 48 hours

Although quite underrated, the Krylon K05505007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint and Primer is another popular paint and primer combo that you can spray onto your car to hide the scratches and dents like a professional.

The combination develops premium coverage with superior color and paint adhesion makes this an option worth looking into. Also, the product leaves behind a shiny and glossy finish to the surface you apply it to, further ensuring a superior finish.

Aside from automobiles, this black primer is also highly functional to refresh the look and feel of the furniture and add a creative touch to the elements. Also, the primer has a quick-drying formula that dries out in 20 minutes after application.

The spray applicator evenly spreads the primer on the surface, ensuring a clear and easy application of the primer without any confusion at all. The easy button can cover up to 25 sq. ft of surface in less than 10-20 minutes, making this one of the best investments that you can consider making.


  • Easy to apply
  • Premium quality coverage
  • Ideal for multiple surfaces
  • Dries quickly 
  • Can cover a large surface area


  • The nozzle is hard to tame sometimes

4. EternaBond Adhesive and Surface Conditioner Spray

  • Color – Gray
  • Volume – 14 oz.

Next on the list of the best auto primer has to include the EternaBond Adhesive and Surface Conditioner Spray. This one is like nothing else you will come across in the market. More than a primer, this product works as a surface conditioner.

The application of this primer ensures superior adhesion, thanks to the EternaBond Microsealant tapes. It works amazing as a primer, enabling you to work with the self-adhered modified bitumen membranes.

Aside from concealing scratches and dents, the product also works in improving the look of the bonded surfaces that are extremely dirty or look the same. Also, this is one of the few primer sprays that work in lower temperatures for a smoother and sleek finish on your car.


  • Multipurpose product 
  • Conceals scratches and dents
  • Improves the looks of bonded surfaces
  • Affordable
  • Easy to apply


  • Doesn’t last very long

5. SprayMax 3680033, 2K Epoxy Rust-Cure Primer

  • Color – Gray
  • Type – Aerosol

While there are quite a few different varieties of primers available in the market, the SprayMax 3680033, 2K Epoxy Rust-Cure Primer steals the show with its quality and overall formulation, especially containing the glossy epoxy.

The product is available in your standard aerosol formula but contains 2K epoxy for better adhesion and long-lasting finish, which is often hard to achieve with similar kinds of primers in the market. For using this gray primer, all you have to do is shake and activate the primer with ease.

The unique nozzle spray is perfect for spray gun results and easy and smoother application. It doesn’t spray around or apply double coats of the material as many make it out to be. Also, the formula is strong enough to adhere to more or less every metal surface that you can likely think of.


  • Pliant formula
  • Prevents rusting
  • Easy to apply the aerosol formula
  • Leaves a glossy finish due to epoxy
  • Dries down quickly


  • Coverage is not the best

6. RAPTOR Beige Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer

  • Color – Beige
  • Volume – 400 ml
  • Exterior – Painted

Another 2K epoxy primer worth considering is the RAPTOR Beige Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer. Unlike the other options in the market, this one is on the cheaper end, making it perfect for the users who are on a budget and don’t have the means to splurge out in excess.

Also, the aerosol formula is easy to apply and the formula is rust-resistant, preventing the risks of corrosion on the car’s surface. The product is formulated with the advanced resin formula that improves the overall adhesion to the bare metal without any complaints as such.

The valve on the base of the can needs to be shaken up a bit to activate the formula for easy application on the automobile’s surface. The can is enough for application and doesn’t require any kinds of excess equipment for the application purposes.

As for the flashpoint, the formula of this primer can work at 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit for a comfortable application. For the drying, you will have to wait out for some time for the same.


  • Affordable option
  • Rust-resistant formula
  • Easy to activate and apply
  • Doesn’t require extra equipment for the application
  • Shiny and glossy finish


  • Does take a little while to dry

7. Dupli-Color EPS100000 Prep Grease and Wax Remover Prep Spray

  • Size – 11 ounce
  • Exterior – Aluminum
  • Form – Spray
  • Paint type – Oil

If you are planning on redoing the exterior look and feel of your car after it has been scratched or bumped, preparation is important. You want to prep the car before you think about painting it. The Dupli-Color EPS100000 Prep Grease and Wax Remover Prep Spray are here to help with just that.

More than a primer, this product works to remove unnecessary dirt, grease, and wax on the metal surface of the car to smoothen things out for when you slather on a layer of paint onto the surface of the automobile.

Aside from making the application of paint a lot easier, this prepping spray cum primer is also ideal if you want the applied paint to last for a longer time without any kinds of complications. It leaves a high adhesion quality on the surface of the car to prevent scraping or chipping of the applied paint.


  • Long-lasting adhesion
  • Easy to apply
  • Smoothens the surface of the car
  • Affordable
  • Large coverage area


  • Not the best to use with other primers

8. VHT SP305 Prime Coat Black Sandable Primer

  • Color – Black
  • Volume – 11 fluid ounces
  • Paint type – Enamel, Acrylic

Coming to another popular option in the market, we have the VHT SP305 Prime Coat Black Sandable Primer. This one is unlike anything else in the same price range. More than a primer, the formula of this product fills in the dents and scratches to leave the car with a smoother surface.

Aside from a primer, this product acts as filler too, enabling you to smooth down the surface of your automobile for seamless application of the paint for a smoother finish. Also, the enamel and acrylic paint in the primer gives the car’s surface a glossy finish.

A single coat application of this product is more than enough for your paint to get the optimal adhesion it needs to stay put for longer days and years without displacement. Also, the filler formula of this product is designated to fill in the scratches and the holes.

The multipurpose use of this primer filler is perfect for you to use on the metal surfaces along with other surfaces like wood and fiberglass. As for the coverage, it adds a decent amount. However, if you are someone who likes a foolproof finish, you should apply multiple coats before applying your car paint.


  • Works as a filler and primer
  • Smooth down the surface for easy painting 
  • Multipurpose use on various surfaces
  • Better adhesion
  • Dries down quickly


  • Coverage is not the best

9. PAINTSCRATCH 12 Oz Automotive Primer

  • Volume – 12 fluid ounces
  • Ideal for – metal and non-metal surfaces

The penultimate option on the list of the best automotive primer has to include the PAINTSCRATCH 12 Oz Automotive Primer. This one is unlike anything else, especially because of the formula and how well it works with other paint types too.

The fast-drying formula of this primer works on multiple surfaces, both metals and non-metals to ensure superior adhesion of the paint that is applied on top of it. If you are struggling with making do, we’d suggest that you keep a check on the directions mentioned on the side of the can.

The primer is a multipurpose product and enables you to seamlessly fill in the dents and the scratches before applying paint to ensure that there aren’t any kinds of unnecessary uneven looks to the car’s surface.


  • Fast-drying formula
  • Multipurpose use
  • Works on metals and non-metals
  • Easy to apply
  • Improves the adhesion of the paint


  • Requires multiple coats of spray

10. Dupli-Color DAP1689 White General Purpose Sandable Primer

  • Color – White
  • Volume – 12 fluid ounces
  • Cure time – 1 hour

Last on the list of the best sandable primer in a spray can have to include the Dupli-Color DAP1689 White General Purpose Sandable Primer. This one is a bestselling brand on Amazon with thousands of reviews and positive prospects.

If you are someone who genuinely likes fixing their car, be it the scratches or the holes, this one will more than likely come in handy for you. Just ensure that you keep a check on the directions of the application.

The best part of this formula is that it sands down smoothly to leave behind a smoother finish on the top layer of the car’s surface. Also, it becomes dry to touch in just 30 minutes, making it easier for you to work with it.

The EZ touch patented nozzle spray is exclusive to this brand and is something that makes this one stands out from the lot, all thanks to the ease of application. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Fixes scratches and holes
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Patented nozzle spray
  • Dries down in 30 mins


  • Doesn’t work with all spray paints

Buying Guide

Since not every person is a DIY champion, especially when it comes to automobiles, we understand the struggle of not knowing which product would work and which one wouldn’t. Especially for primers for the cars, you want to pick the options that will ensure higher adhesion of the paint with a smoother and sandable finish. 

While we have sorted you out with some of the absolute best auto primers in a can in the list above, we understand the struggle of wanting to do your research and buying your primers depending on the type of car that you own.

Following all the important insights, we have sorted this buying guide for you to keep a check on the important pointers before buying an auto primer.

  • Ease of usage

Although the canned auto primers are already easy to use, you will always want to invest in the options that will be pliable and ensure easier application of the paint on top of the primer. If that isn’t the case, chances are that you will struggle to try to figure out how to apply the primer on the metal surface of your car. 

The best thing about spray cans is that the formula comes pre-mixed, which means that you wouldn’t have to sit aside and mix your primer with other agents to make it pliable enough for application on the surface of the car. 

  • Rust-resistant

Another important factor to check in the primer is that the formula should be rust-resistant. For your information, you can check the different labels of the can to get a better idea of the product and whether it is even corrosion-resistant or not. If it isn’t, you’d want to steer clear off of it and look for the next best option in the market. Keep in mind that since the car’s surfaces are all metal, finding a rust-resistant primer contributes to the longevity of the car’s paints and ensures that the coating won’t chip off or get damaged soon.

  • Application

Aside from the ease of use, you also need to find a primer that works on multiple surfaces. You can’t necessarily expect to invest in a primer that works on just one type of car surface. Instead, invest in the ones that are multipurpose and will come in handy for other work around the house too. If your primer isn’t compatible with the surface you are spraying it on, chances are that it will result in poor adhesion of the paint.

  • Budget or price range

Last but not least in the list of considerations is the price range. Invest in options that are reasonably priced and not too farfetched. Take, for example, investing $30 in a can of primer is not worth it in the long shot. So, consider looking into well-priced options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long does the primer take to dry?

The answer is subjective. It depends on the formula of the primer and the surface you are applying it on. Some take 20 minutes; some can take over an hour too.

2. How long does primer paint last?

If done well and with the best quality and compatible products, they will last you for longer periods without any complications.

3. Is it important to clean the car before priming?

Yes, it is ideal that you sand and clean the car’s surface before spraying on the primer. This leaves the surface smoother enough for the paint to be applied.


If this is your first time buying primer for your automobile, we hope this article gives you all the insights that you likely need to know about. Just ensures that you invest your money in the right products and follow the instructions as mentioned on the side of the can for a smoother and long-lasting application.